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If BM gets remarried?

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Just curious if when BM gets remarried, if it will mellow out? She goes through guyz like I change my underwear and she seems to be worse when she is "in between". That made me wonder if when she gets remarried if she will get any better if she has something else to focus on besides us?

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Ours did.

Like clock work, her horns would come out every time there was a family vacation or DH & I would go away for the weekend. When she had a BF and now a DH.. she travels and has a life.. she is less concerned with our life.

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So far, so good *crossing my fingers*. She is almost 6 months pregnant and got married last month. She has told the skids not to tell us for some reason but we found out anyway.

She hasn't been a pain since January - except for a little bit around the time the grandbaby was born...

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I hate to sound pessimistic but usually people like the crazy BMs we have to deal with are not exactly experts in "moving on". In fact, I believe that being vengeful, hateful and bitter actually becomes their identity. At the very least, it is a hobby for them.

Our crazy BM has actually been "engaged" for the last 4 years and for the life of me I don't know what the hell is wrong with the guy. I mean, he's got to be a little "off" in the first place just because he's with BM! Worse though, he was actually her 1st husband, but they got it annulled for some reason or another. If she marries this guy for the 2nd time it will be her 4th marriage. Personally, I don't think he will marry her again but who knows. If it were me, I would not marry someone like her who is SO OBSESSED with her ex-husband. I can't imagine that it looks very good to him.

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Ours got worse. We think the reason she went for CS was because he was paying it to two ex-wives. She makes 110K a year and feels that she is entitled to it for SD14 who she PAS'd right out of our lives. She was not great at communication before, but since they married, it went right out the window. Now our goal is to get SS12 away from her given the new relationship, but we can't do anything until he gives the word that he no longer wants to be with her full time.

I wish a man would have made her focus less on us and make her more amicable, but not our luck. Good luck I hope it works out better for you.

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I doubt I'll ever get to find out....

Single White Overweight Female, 38 years old, Unemployed, 3 kids (two teens and one toddler) by 2 different dads seeks Wealthy, Attractive, Unattached, Childless Man to support me and my children while I stay home and do absolutely nothing. He must be willing to do 90% of the housework as well as maintain his 6-figure income because I will be too busy being a SAHM to be bothered with such menial tasks. He must like to eat chicken and rice every night for dinner as that's the only thing I know how to cook.

Yeah.....I don't think my odds of seeing BM get married in my lifetime are very good.

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There's always hope! Our BM is so hot and cold with EVERYONE, even her own family, I thought NO guy is going to stand for her crap for long!

But even after as long as our BM was single with no real prospects, she finally found a guy to marry her after she got pregnant again!!

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Well baby #3 was her failed attempt at getting Mr. Right (read Mr. Wealthy) to marry her.....Result: She's still living in the same small house, still driving the same old car, and now has 3 kids to take care of. Oh, and Mr. Wealthy - well, let's just say he's conveniently 'self-employed' so she's having one heck of a time getting any of the court-ordered child support she was expecting.

Karma - Sometimes it just works out! Smile

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BM still isnt married (she would have to give up the foodstamps if she did) but she has lived with the same person for two years now, which is a record for her. I would say its a toss up. Some things are better and somethings are worse. I guess its the same BS just in a different way. I thinks its better on the kids at least because they dont have to deal with adjusting to new men all the time.

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If there is hope (most are saying not really), I'd even get a loan to buy her a new husband. Hee hee Biggrin

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In my case, BM getting married did not really help nor hurt the situation. However, DH getting married and having kids with me made BM fly right over the cuckoo's nest.

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Mine re-married right quick after she heard we got married. No kidding, she announced her engagement the week after she found out about us.

He's a good influence on her. He mellows her. They're both pretty wacky-religious (BM's DH told SD14 that the Devil got into her heart and made her misbehave) so we're thinking he may have put a stop to BM coming to DH for everything. Heck, they live on the bare edge of their combined income (IMO) and BM lost her job six weeks ago, and she hasn't even told DH that she's unemployed. We think her DH pulled a "You're MY wife, I'LL take care of you, don't you go running to your ex for money."

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Mugglemom you say yours was remarried? Wonder if it makes a difference if they get remarried after???