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Does anyone else wish that a cow BM could/ would find another guy on a dating site?

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The BM I am speaking of is on sooooo many dating sites. It is so pathetic.

I PRAY that some dude might see past her face and feel pity for her and take her out or something- lay her, whatever. It would get her off of our ass!

I showed DH her "sites" and asked him, "Do you think she gets any bites?" He had to turn around and go off laughing to himself...

There has to be someone!!!

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I have good and bad news; there is someone, but that doesn't mean BM will leave you alone. Trust me on that.

BM still tries to call DF all the time, and last time she actually showed up to court, she said 'I know we will be getting back together so I don't know why we are going through this' and her new boyfriend was sitting in the courtroom!

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ugh...BM is whoring around on just about every date site available. It's sick how bad she lies about herself too. BUT I say, "great!" if you marry someone else, we can stop paying your dumb ass.

"Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it." *Anais Nin*

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I keep hoping our BM will land someone--so far she's just had a couple of out-of-town guys. She puts a lot of burden on SS, expecting him to do all the man chores. He feels he can't leave and it's not a good environment for him. The ironic part, BM cheated on DH, obviously thought it would be fun to be divorced (although DH did everything for her) and now it's not so much fun.

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ya, im with stepmomtogirls. bm dated a guy for awhile and would call for no other reason but to tell dh what a great guy he is, talk about her sex life and what a better father he is to ss than dh. then she broke up with him because he was beating her ass. that just meant that she was focused on telling dh what went wrong with their relationship again. hell, she even did that when she was dating the guy. now shes pregnant by some other dude and when she calls, she tells us all about him. she wont go away. the only thing that changes is what she talks about.

"Life favors the risk taker."

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MWC, why are you wasting your time and energy cyber stalking the x? It costs the hater more physically and mentally than it does the hated. I say unless it is something that she is bringing to your door, you shouldn't waste your time on it or go looking for it. Your obsession with her just keeps her at the forefront of your husband's mind.

Another thing.. even if someone is overweight you really shouldn't be capitalizing on it or someday karma will hit you with the fat stick.

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BM will not leave you alone if and when she finds someone AND you guys will still have to pay CS. It sucks but it's true. I hate BMs.