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Senior Photos

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Someone made a blog about skids having this joyless, jaded look in photos all the time when they are not alternatively hamming it up trying to be the center of the universe.  

The HousesHitter recently posted some of his senior photos on IG and what comes through is a look of arrogance and entitlement.  He is wearing a skull cap, in what can only be described as a "hawaiian shirt", jean shorts and is looking down into the camera with his eyes peering down his nose, no smile, just a look of disgust on his face.  The kind of face you want to slap after it just uttered some curse words at you.

Now I remember my bios senior photos and they were smiling joyfully..  Awesomeson did a "comedy" pose with his friends looking all serious like they were a team of crimefighters but that was the extent of it. 

Is this is a trend to look miserable/threatening in class photos???!!


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Yikes are you sure your SS isn't a boogaloo boy with that expression and outfit? 

The saddest thing is photographers will lead people through several poses and expressions and your SS probably had some with smiles but he CHOSE this one.


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I just have to ask what is a boogaloo boy? I have a friend who lives in the South and she posts stuff about that and some Glory Boys or Goodie Boys or something? Is it a Southern thing?

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It's what young white supremacists that want to have a new civil war are calling themselves. For some reason they identify each other using hawaiian shirts.

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Apparently there is some overlap between boogaloo boys and antifa but they sometimes what to fight each other. All these disgruntled boys want chaos for one reason or another. 

Are violent video games not enough anymore??

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Do the same when with grandpa, he took pics of them with amazing breakfasts in front of them and they looked like they were just told they were going to the dentist next! They are 7 and 10!!! I have no idea how many pics their mom must take of them to be able to post the posed photos on socials that she does. 

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They must have ordered the white trash strumpet package!

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My SS10 isn't at that age but we got family photos done and his somber expression nearly ruined them. It's like he was worried someone might see them and think he loved us... 

Thankfully we had a funny photographer.