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Rules Are For Everyone Else!!

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This is the thought process of a spoiled from infancy child, namely the Houseshitter (YSS stb 17). 

The trainwreck keeps on wrecking with the latest school disciplinary action.  Not only does he waltz into school if and when he feels like it, this little ditty got launched  (P.S. YSS is crater failing English)

"YSS asked if he could listen to music while working on a paper. Mrs. English Teacher said "No, we are cracking down on that."  YSS put his hood up to hide his ear buds and listened to music anyway."



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"SD get off your brothers trike, you're too big for it and you'll break it."


*moves trike to front of house where adults are not currently and gets back on it*

Or another time:

*SD picks up ODS scooter and starts riding it*

ODS: hey I have an idea maybe we can both ride it *sets one foot on it*

*SD physically attacks ODS and rides off*

Yep, sounds about right

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My sd8 teacher allowes kids to chew gum in her class as long as they don't abuse the privilege.

sd lost the privlage for abusing it and not following the rules. When I asked her what she had to say about the teacher taking away her gum privlage she responded "oh I told her it was okay because I didn't care". Her attitude was like she had somehow solved a problem.

my jaw dropped... so the way to avoid feeling upset about losing privlage is to just decide "I don't give a s?$6" and then actually not giving a s?$6.

im so worried about her future... and I was so PISSED!! 

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That reminds me of another one. First time SD and DH came over (she was 4) she was complaining she was hungry so I told her she could have something to eat. Asked her to come sit at the table. She responded in her little princess voice with her nose up in the air and without even looking at me "no, I want to sit here, bring it here." As if she were literally a princess and I were her servant. This was right after she stood the entry way and refused to walk in because the floor looked like it might be dirty (it was spotless).

Oh the red flags...

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reminds me of when the houseshitter was 5  yrs old.  Was up Chef's ass!  Standard Skid Operating Procedure.  Would follow daddykins around like a shadow.  Mostly so he could bark orders at Chef and then Chef would play "step 'n' fetch."  

One day the other two were sitting on the sofa watching the whole scene as they were huddled together under a blanket (probably b/c the Gir told them to "stick together" so the eeeeeevvvvvvviiiiilllll Thinkthrice couldn't cast a spell on them) but I digress.  The houseshitter proceeds to follow Chef into the bathroom.  I stop him and say "wait until your dad comes out of the bathroom."   The houseshitter, turned around, looked at me (if looks could KILL) then pointed his dirty, stubby, globulous pasty white finger with nails bitten down to the quick at me and demanded "YOU get me some ICE CREAM NOW!"

It was all I could do to restrain myself and I would have NEVER allowed my bios to talk to me this way and if they did they would be SORELY corrected if you know what I mean.

I retorted: "YOU do not talk to an ADULT that way.  In this house the ADULTS make the rules and the children wait patiently after asking POLITELY!"  You should have seen the look of SHOCK and HORROR that came over ALL THREE of their faces.  Then Pumpkinhead, OSS at the time 9 or so said "yeah he needs to work on that."  And I said "No that should have been FIXED YEARS ago."

Soon after Chef came sauntering out of the bathroom wondering what all the fuss was about;  he was a guilty/disney daddy so he had that look on his face as if to say "what have you DONE to my PRECIOUSESSSSSS!"


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Haha no, DH got pissed and yelled at her. He was embarrassed. Funny how he knew she was a brat then and now "doesnt see it" hmm...

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It’s going to be a very scary world when this new generation becomes adults. They have never been held accountable for anything in their lives and do exactly as they please. Little Idiot just lies about everything. 

For example if she was in this situation:

DH (Big Idiot): What is this note from your English teacher?

LI: Oh that, I saw a couple other kids still doing after she said not to and she didn’t yell at THEM it so I thought that it was OK. She always singles me out! She HATES me!

DH (Big Idiot): My poor baby!!!

Imagine the chaos that is coming down the pipeline when the jobs are filled with all these kids. I hope I’m dead before the S hits the fan.

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Housh!tter will be someone elses problem...

Yikes. I cant imagine trying to work with that...

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my lucky stars each day they are PASed out.  It would be unbearable otherwise.