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Female Divorce Attorney Who Doesn't Believe in PAS

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I post on another non step related forum and every so often a topic comes up about, in this case, 12 year old girls who don't have to disclose medical history to parents but just present the bill to said parents.

Which segued into parents being responsible for college etc but needing to get permission from kid for grades etc due to "privacy rules."

Which segued into trying to get info on alienated children.  Like clockwork this one poster popped up and blamed alienation on the father saying "he didn't nurture his relationship with the child" and that she is surprised how often she has to counsel parents to "love their children."

She has revealed before that she is a DIVORCE ATTORNEY.

I intepret that she is advising them to disney/BFF their children as a divorce strategy in custody battles.  I don't even think she has children of her own!


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My ex step daughter is training to be a family solicitor. This is after many many failed exams over the years, a masters degree currently fully paid for by the bank of her grandma (in the region of 10,000 to 20,000 pounds plus) a brand new car from bank of her grandma (18,000 pounds plus). She failed the first year of her masters degree, but as anyone in the UK can now get a qualification with enough money and attempts, and they now don’t have to take the Barr exam they have a soft option. Add to that ‘daddy abandoned her’ to marry someone else so she wasn’t first in his eyes, and a very spoiled grown adult at that - you have the recipe for one of these attorneys lol. 

If daddeeee didn’t spend a few hundred pounds on a dress run to grandma, ‘ daddies abandoned me’. Hey presto the dress she wants. Etc etc. 

I am divorced now and entirely glad to see the back of her. She knows nothing about real life only the small amount she had read in a book. 

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for sure.  you used to have to be intelligent.  this one attorney that works for my local county is much like your ex-SD!!!