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CS: Trolling for Dollars

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Just when you think it is almost at the end...WHAM!  The NYS CSEU sends a letter stating that the CP can ask for and receive automatically a cost of living increase no questions or paperwork required!

The HousesHitter (YSS20)  is the last of the ferals on CS. He is going to be twenty one first week of January 2024.  At which time CS is  supposedly to end ( Goes automatically to age 21 here in new york state).

He's working full time--supposedly still living with the Girhippo and Step Daddy Big Bucks.

Seven more f'ing months after two decades of extortion for all three.

The money grab continues.


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So the STATE is encourgaging it huh? WOW - I'm sorry but that is horrendous on top of horrendous! 21 makes me want to puke. 

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Gets Federal kickbacks for collecting the most amount of CS money via Title IV of the Social Security Act.  I expect the increase to be at least the federal amount of 8.7%

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I mean.. I do get it to an extent.. inflation has really been impactful on things.. housing cost.. fuel.. food. . the exact things CS is supposed to cover.  But, it seems fairly short sighted and punative to be seeking it at the 11th hour.. the cost of administratively dealing with this.. the short amount of time it is in effect.. 

In some ways.. to be "fair".. you might adjust the calculation in line with inflation.. or they should address that in the order.

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IMHO, a CP should have to account for how every Cent of CS is spent.  But, that is not how our courts see it.


Every time we went to court for a CS review, more often than not because they were trying to reduce what they had to pay to support SS, we went with full accounting of our income, assets, and expenditures as required by the subpoena.  They showed up with nothing but DickHead's last two pay stubs.

They always motioned for my income to be considered in order to reduce their CS. Though that was never granted.  After the first time they tried that, we started counter motioning for the SpermGrandParent's income to be added to DickHead's income since he was living rent free in one of their rental homes,they repeatedly gave him their older cars when they got a fresh one, they were raising his three younger also out of wedlock children by two other baby mamas with no help from DickHead, and ... the SGPs were paying DickHeads CS for my SS... all $110/mo then $133/mo of a pittance for 9+ years. 

They lost their minds in court when the Judge agreed to consider our motion to add the SGP's income to the DipShitiots for CS calculation.  


That motion was ultimately not incorporated but seeing SpermGrandHag and SpermGrandPa lose their ever loving minds and rant at their idiot serially out of wedlock breeding deadbeat son in court was well worth attending the hearing.

Though SParent income is not attachable for CS calculation in SpermLand (Oregon), a high earning SParent in the mix allows the court to consider applying an income reduction credit for the NCP if, as our idiot judge indicated, "the StepDad's significant income allows for an artificially high standard of living for the child that BioDad should not have to fully support."  So, DickHead got the maximum possible ($1000/mo) reduction in income for CS calculation purposes.  Reducing his max CS obligation by..... wait for it..... $50/mo.  That pissed off SpermGrandMa and SpermGrandPa as much as our motion for their income to be considered in their idiot son's CS obligation to support SS.

Every attempt by either side to ammend CS, resulted in an increase in CS. It peaked at $785/mo for a few years going up from $133/mo, then retracted to $385/mo the last few years until SS-30 aged out from under the order at 18yo.  CS never made a difference to us.  Our motivation to keep them paying was so SS would know that they "cared" enough about him to help support him.  Though he knew full well that message was coming from his mom and I and not from them. They railed at him from age 4 until 18 about how it was not fair that they had to support him when he had nice things, lived in nice homes, etc.. that his three younger half sibs did not get to have.  Their delusion was that CS provided those things.  Sure, $133/mo bought our nice homes, nice cars, top schools for SS, vacations, etc....   On his own accord as he grew into his teens SS would call them on that crap pointing out that his mom was a graduate degreed CPA and his "dad" was a graduate degreed engineer pointing out how $133/mo did not buy the nice life that we have.

7mos.  It goes fast.

Then... enjoy your raise!!!

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Im counting down the days and months until SDalmost17 Power Sulk turns 18. A few days after, she will graduate high school. So, we are just keeping low profile.

So hard!

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My SO is going through something similar. We don't know if it's BM or the state seeking the increase. I guess the state has to pay for the COL increase in their welfare system somehow. 

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The Gir was (is) a bad lay and only allowed sex to breed.  It would have been cheaper for Chef to have a staff strumpet.

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I thought it would go till 21 if they are full time in college and are fully dependent living at home. Working full time makes one fully independent. How is the fully independent person could be receiving CS? Even if they live at home. If they work full time and not in school, how could CS be justified? It's disturbing. They need to be emancipated! I'd be livid paying CS on fully employed adults 


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until age 21 if he had demanded it as a full time college student in good standing with his school. If he had done that, when he turned 18 CS would have stopped going to his mom and gone directly to him though direct payroll withholding would have remained in force.

They guilted him out of keeping them on the hook.

They tried to guilt him into sending money to help support his three younger half sibs once he turned 18. They told him he should repay all of the CS they paid on him over 16+ years. He reminds them that he has already provided them with more than $10K over 3 years by not forcing them to pay 3more years of CS.  Which is far more than they paid in CS in the first 8 years of the CO. He has never sent them a penny.  


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As long as they are living under mommy's roof they are still eligible for CS no matter the circumstances...yet they can vote as adults at age 18, 19, 20.