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Sometimes I wish I could tell the truth!

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I don't know why this makes me so mad, maybe because I'm putting all the work in. My ss5 loves Bm to death, which is natural. But he has this idea that his "mommy" can do no wrong and has this twisted misconception that she is a victim. Sometimes I just want to tell ss how much of a bum bm really is! The "boyfriend" that your "mommy" is dating is really a pre-op transsexual. That's not your " mommys" house she's actually a squatter living in a dead persons house. Your sister isn't on a vacation like your "mommy" told you, she's actually living with her father just like you because your "mommy" is a suck ass parent. No, your "mommy isn't a nurse like she told you she actually strips for money at the local gogo bar. And no, you don't live with dh and I because your "mommy" is a traveling nurse it's because she incapable of taking care of you! Now of course I would never expose his dearest mommys secrets, just wish I could get a little appreciation, that I'm doing everything your "mommy" should be doing!


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Just last night, we had the skids' first soccer game. Their FIRST! BM signed them up, and then last night she phones SD12 and says "I'm sorry, sweetheart, but Mommy can't make it to your game." (She is a very LOUD talker, so I heard everything). She said she had to work overtime because she took off early the day of Halloween. Well, I kindly suggested that she could have made that time up on Tuesday (we had skids), or tomorrow (it's Friday - and we also have skids). And then an hour later - right before their soccer game started - I get a text from a friend who bartends, and guess what???? BM is at the bar and has been there for 15 - 20 minutes. SO sad. SO pathetic.
I didn't even consider telling skids that their Mom is a liar. But, I did have the urge to text BM and tell her that I have caught ONCE again lying to her children. But, alas, I didn't. I just cheered those girls on! I am hopeful that as they get older, they will figure it all out. Already, whenever BM says to them "Maybe, I will come......", the skids will say: "Well, BM said "maybe", so you know that means she probably isn't coming" with no prompting from us. They're getting it.