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SS10 health update

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SS10 had his appt at the hospital today for the lump on his neck. They think it's just a cyst, but he's going for a scan tomorrow to be sure. That's one big sigh of relief as both BM & I had got ourselves a bit worked up about what it might be (perhaps we have more in common than I like to think!)

Annoyingly, OH didn't think to text or email me to let me know the outcome though - I waited until about 3pm (the appt was at 10am) and then emailed him. He doesn't seem concerned at all, which I know is just his way of dealing with stuff (everything's fine until I'm told otherwise) but winds me up nonetheless!


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Ditto! Continue to keep us posted Storm! Smile

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Glad to hear it. I am all over my DH when I need to know something, to me you showed restraint in waiting that long-!! Wink
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