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Is this something my husband should be worrying about

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Before DH And I got together, he co-signed a car with BM. He can't get his name out of it for another 2 years. Her car broke down the other day and DH has been worrying about it and calling the place to see what is wrong with it. Should he be worrying this much about it?? 


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A repo is a repo and it will destroy his credit if BM decides to stop paying on the loan. I'd call the bank that has the loan if I were him and him. 

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His primary concdern should be that his EX continues to make on time and regular payments on this loan he cosigned.

He may be concerned about a mechanical issue if he thinks that it will result in..

1.  BM stopping her payments to spend her money on something that will provide transportation.

2.  the car being forced back on hm by BM with threats of take it and pay for it or it gets repoed.

Yes.. in both situations.. BM risks dings on her credit too.. but she may care.. a lot less... and not be as responsible.. hence the need for a cosigner for that car.

The best thing he can do is to ensure he has access to the finance website so he can check that payments are being made.. that is more important than whether the car runs.. at least for him.

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I feel a little jealous because I feel like he will always be there to support her in any situation.