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DH's take on SIL conversation -double standard much?!

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MIL has had some surgery recently and has stayed a week with each SIL and is due to come stay with us next. DH went to drop off something at SIL yesterday and says to me last night "You know SIL is so inconsiderate, MIL hasn't been feeling so great and SIL kept talking about Kate yesterday, MIL doesn't want to hear about all that."

Background: MIL and FIL divorced when DH was 11 (he is now 41).FIL has been with his current partner for the last 21 years or so. They have 1 daughter together- Kate who will be 18 later this year. DH has always got on with FIL's partner and he has always made a point to take Kate out for outings over the years and spent time with her in order to maintain a good relationship with her despite their age difference. He calls Kate his sister so I was surprised to hear him say what he did.

I couldn't resist saying to him "I don't see what the problem is?Kate is your and SIL's sister so why shouldn't she talk about her?Also FIL and MIL have been divorced for almost 30 years. I have to hear about how amazing SS is all the time and about BM from your various family members and have her ongoing drama which is a lot worse than hearing about an exes current life. At least MIL got to have her 3 children and then both your parents decided to get divorced, I'm having to contend with SS brat behaviour and his skank mother attempting to continually cause drama while coping with infertility -how do you think that feels??"

DH looked taken aback and swiftly changed the subject, it really amazes me how some people fail to see their own double standards. I'm just sorry I forgot to add "MIL should suck it up -she's the adult and should have known her ex husband would continue to have a life after they got divorced!"