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Has BM's husband ever called you?

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BM remarried and married a deadbeat who doesn't take care of his own kids, doesn't work etc. Anyway apparently he drives around all day in her car (the car her father gave her - her car was repo'd - when she was living with family and had no bills - long story) so BM's husband's only job is to drive around in her car all day - questionable huh? Well he does pick up the kids during her week, I don't know him - by worthless reputation only. Get this - first time this has ever happened, he picks up kids and calls MY cell phone looking for clothes, now I am assuming that skids gave him my number but he calls from HIS cell phone - no f-ing way. This worthless degenerative has called my phone. What would you all do - I am seriously thinking about changing my cell phone number??? Wonder if I should get an EPO out on him?


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How do you block someone's # on a cell phone?

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about blocking - they told me we could block up to 5 numbers free of charge. We decided against it because our pest would just call from another number so it wasn't worth it.

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because BM is seriously internet dating a deadbeat who doesn't take care of his kids, and only two of those kids have the same mother. I really hope with all my heart that BM doesn't marry him. But with her history of making stupid decisions, it wouldn't surprise me if she did.

BM has never called me directly but she has called DH and spewed vindictive insults about me. Caller ID is a lifesaver- whenever I would see her name come up, I'd holler for DH to pick it up. If he didn't feel like talking to her, he'd let it go to voicemail because the main purpose of her phone calls was to try and win DH back.

IF BM ever married this scumbag she's currently dating and he called me, I'd tell him that I'm going to pretend he never even called, and give him my thoughts on his lack of fathering abilities. Then I would tell him he will be met with a deafening silence if he ever tries to call me again because I'm going to call my server and have his cell phone # blocked at my home and on my cell phone.

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Bm husband use to get involved with us alot, at first we thought it was great because he had more sense, boy were we wrong,,,,
he is just as bad as she is.

We were having a an issue once with BM about a basketball game, and both of them kept harrassing us and the ss until they got what they wanted. like they always do It didnt work
Long story short
BM husband came up to me after the bb game and verbally assaulted me with front of ssm BM and the 7thg grade basketball team. He is 6'4 and about 250 lbs..I was in total shock . I never said a word I think I said.."are you kidding" BM was standing right next to him smirking..

Turns out that in the school handbook it states that no parent can use profanity in the gym or act in disruptive behavior. Another mother saw the entire thing and wrote an affidavit of what she saw for me.

I cut and paste the handbook to BM, this is the best part, BM works at the school, she didnt even realize what was in the handbook.....she was freaking out, Im sure she gave him hell. Because she is alway running for Miss Popularity,and tearing us down to any stranger that will listen. and here he was a grown man cursing and standing over me in the school gym

Now BM husband does not even look in our direction, he is an idiot and his behavior backfired on him.