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Woke up and seen this on yahoo mail -

a step mothers solution to her step daughter being a bully.


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I saw this morning and thought this SM did a great job. I was offended on how the media labeled it as if the SM was doing something "evil" to get more publicity on the article. SM's always get labeled as "evil".

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Saw this yesterday on Yahoo news and posted it on my f/b wall. I'm waiting for the shitstorm to rain down from the SD's lol

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“However, parents should be careful about introducing shame and guilt onto kids as a form of punishment,” she says. According to Filizetti, a better plan of action may have been to sit down with the child and understand the motivations behind the bullying, then use that knowledge to expose him or her to children who are different from them. To further the learning lesson, it may also be wise to have the kid sit down with the peer they hurt and listen to how the behavior was hurtful. “It’s less important that the bully explain where they were coming from and more important that the victim feels heard,” she says.

WTFE.... I'm sorry but for the majority of kids who do this, sitting them down and "talking" with them to get to the "root" of the problem does NOTHING. In fact, I bet in 99.9% of the cases, the kids' response would be either "I dunno" or "Because it was funny"

That up there is more of that "everyone gets a trophy" and "everyone finishes first" mentality.

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I actually posted about this yesterday here, and thought the same thing. We have to be careful not to "shame our kids" so we have to allow them to shame and bully others? No wonder bullying is such an issue these days. We are walking on eggshells and letting 12 year old kids rule the roost. NOT IN MY HOUSE. Not now, not ever!!

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That just broke my heart.

We recently lost a boy here in my town to suicide due to bullying. He shot himself in the head in a restaurant.

My daughter and some of her friends have started an anti-bullying campaign since then that is going really well. Hard to explain to an 11 year old why a 12 year old boy would take his own life like that. Very sad.