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25 years ago today.....

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The adventure of making a life and a family with my incredible  bride began.

She brightens my world, made me a dad, makes me a far better man and person than I could possibly be without her, and she tolerates me which is her most amazing miracle.

Here is to the start of the next 25 years of adventure.

Though you will never read this, I love you infinitely my beautiful.




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Yay!!! Congratulations!!!!  That's big!!!

(please give my DH lessons on how to properly celebrate things.... Biggrin )

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Cheers to many more happy, healthy and fun-filled years ahead for you & your wife!

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Hey, Rags!

Happy Anniversary! All the best to you and your 'bride'! Please thank her for sharing her guy with all of us on ST. 

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Thanks everyone.   We are having a great time celebrating our anniversary with a 9 day trip to the Canadian Rockies.

Originally the plan was an Alaska cruise but events intervened and our budget shrunk when I lost my job in March.  My parents were going to join us on that trip.

My backup plan was a  Caribbean cruise out of Galveston but she chose Canada due to the weather. 

She chose well.

While on this trip I got a call with an offer for a new job so things  are looking up on that front.

Life is good.

Thanks again.