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Deleted Recent Posts AND need more Good Vibes today

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Due to the high-conflict situation and my paranoia about things I have been deleting my posts...

I received a Witness Subpoena to appear today in court for the defense (FDH) in the Temp Restraining Order hearing. Wish us luck. Today is also the first day in the entire 5 years I've known FDH (even before his divorce) that I will come face to face with BM. At least it's in a protected area. I have made it clear that if I'm required to meet her I would but it would have to be in a public place with the GAL, no one has pushed this except BM and I've been lucky for a few years until now.

Still no word on SS's. FDH's attorney and the GAL are trying to get some information on them. The therapists says she has to check and see if she can give FDH any information about their well being right now. She is SO terrfied of a lawsuit she clams up unless she is served by law to speak with anyone. Which is smart. But she played dumb and also listened to BM and avoided the GAL for two months, whom she CAN speak with...

Keep everyone posted. Need luck, a miracle, and wishing for a police escort into the courthouse.


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FDH and I are appearing in court to fight Bm's trumped up TPO/TRO she filed 1/2/13 that FDH abuses SS7 and SS7 did say he got spanked on Christmas Eve by FDH. There were bruises on SS7's rear the date she claims she took the fuzzy picture to show the detective which was 5 days after the SS's left from their visitation with us. He didn't get arrested when she wanted him to after the detective's questions (he wished to talk to his attorney first), so two nights later FDH received the TPO. This Monday FDH went to the detective who refused to listen to anyone involved with the custody/medical/GAL in skidtown dealing with BM's crap and arrested him for battery. I was there soon after to get him out. That will be a hearing awhile down the road.

I was served with a witness subpoena by FDH's attorney. I didn't not actually see the spanking. I heard the conversation leading to the spanking, but I didn't see the spanking so I can't say I felt it was excessive (which I wouldn't feel it to be excessive anyways because of how FDH and myself choose to discipline, spanking is a last resort and NOT out of anger). For some reason FDH's attorney thinks it will be beneficial to have me there, since I live in the home, have primary custody of my BS6 and BD5 and we all live together and no one has ever had any reason to feel unsafe, (my EXH/bios Dad actually LIKES FDH), etc...

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BM did that to DSO. Once he was not allowed to see the skids for 6 weeks, she went and picked up her boy toy from another state and moved him in. Didn't even have pictures to back it up the TRO but they did it anyway bc he was a man.