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Post below reminded me.... anyone hear from our lost comrades?

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Wondering if Auteur was safely able to leave GG.

If Houstexstepmom was ever able to resolve the Captains issues...

How Draco26 if faring with his family....

Does anyone still talk to them?


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I wondered about them myself recently. I hope they are doing well and someone has an update from them.

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I feel like Auteur suddenly vanished. I was off the site for a few months though so maybe something else went down. Hope she is alive and kicking.

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She was booted by admin for getting into it with another poster. I didn't see the threat but apparently it got heated and a bunch of old timers were booted without warning.

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Sorry, I ment no warning to us other members. As in they were just gone without a goodbye. Didn't mean to imply that admin wasn't acting appropriately.

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I'm not mad or anything. That was a big accusation then. Isn't it always interesting how our role in a situation automatically colors how we read something? I didn't even read it that way ^.

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That's good to hear, I was worried about her Smile sorry she's not safe from GG yet though.

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I often wonder about Houstexstep and hope she's in a better place in her personal life now. I also think a lot about Praying; I really hope she *and* her ss are doing better.

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Prayings gone dark since August. I hope she wasn't Crewing us. The more she posted, the more I started to feel as if it was a fabrication. I don't know why, it just seemed off. Something was off.

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I started to think that but then I was reading her posts...some of the stuff that I was like "no way" was stuff she said her husband was telling her. So I think she was getting fed misinformation from him. Like, about how the school wanted him to move up there and see the kid all the time. I think he just wanted a bachelor pad.

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When i first joined ST last spring the first person who answered my post was Poodle. She made me feel really welcome. I loved her posts, very smart and insightful! After a while i think she disappeared. Anybody know how she is?