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why even bring sd with to game?

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My bs10 has a soccer game and unfortunately we have sd8 this weekend. This means that she will whine and complain for most of the game. It is so annoying.Dh likes to go and watch my son play,but it makes me sick how sd8 can't just sit and shut her whiny yapper for an hour! She always has some complaint and dh is falling all over himself to accommodate her. This means that I'm watching most of the game myself,while dh is hauling that brat to the bathroom or over to a shady spot because "I'm too hot daaaadddyyy"


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DH should either stay home with SD or make her behave at the game. One or the other.

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Most 8yo's can't sit still and enjoy a game they aren't participating in for a hour. What is probably really bothering you is the fawning all over her to accommodate and pacify. Because we both know if it were your BS he would likely tell him to nip it in the bud and stop already.

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Yep..."no whining at the game, or you're going straight to bed when we get home" and if she whines at the game, off to bed. Easy peasy Smile