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Going to visit my FIL in a couple of weeks

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He's so different from my MIL, no wonder they got divorced.
I know at least I'll have fun!
DH is not so eager on going because he kind of dislike his sbrothers, he was a teenager when his dad remarried and Oh poor smom! I bet she would have loved to vent all her problems!, DH treats her really bad even though it's been 10 years since she got married to her dad and guess what? HE made ME a smom too, so every time he starts complaining or saying bad things about her I have to remember him that he is on his father's shoes and "what would YOU feel if your kid starts offending me the same way you offend your smom?". He still doesn't get it... because in his mind "it's different" WELL IT'S NOT
And I guess that's the reason I get along pretty well with her (I call her sMIL)
On top of all that he tries to love his SBs, which isn't easy as one of them acts (and looks by the pictures I've seen) like him when he was his own age, I've seen DH fight with this kid and it's unfair, how can a 28 year old grown up argue with a 7 year old on which gets to sit next to his dad?
I think DH has issues that hasn't fixed and I think his whole family needs to find their place on the hierarchy...
No wonder why MIL, SIL and BIL doesn't like me, I'm a smom too, in their own family HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!?... well I still got my SBsIL and SSIL which are wonderful kids.

btw, DH still not talking to MIL, SIL, BIL since january when they disrespect me and offended me and threw me out of their house on new year's....
(Can't say I'm not happy about it)


p.s. skid is doing well and seems like we won't be going on Nov but until early Dec because her BM is taking her to the beach...