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Drama before Vacation

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My good friend tells me to treat SD17 like a mosquito buzzing around my ears. Just "swat" it away and forget about it. "You're a woman, she's a teenage girl. Don't let her get to you."

She's getting to me though. SO and I leave in two days for a long planned vacation, the first since Covid, and SD17 isn't happy about Daddy being gone for two weeks. (SD17 is also unvaccinated by choice and can't fly). So today SD17 shows up on crutches. She apparently sprained her ankle during an activity we all did together over a week ago. During this activity, she never tripped, fell, or even stubbed her toe. No complaints of any injuries until today.

I get what this is most likely about. She wants her dad to stay home. He wasn't "allowed" to take vacations that he wanted with BM - it had to be cruises and all inclusive beach deals. Those types of vacations are great, but sometimes you just want to get away to a cabin in the woods and have campfires every night, ya know?  And this trip is to see my family, who live in a remote place. It's most likely the last time I'll ever see my grandma, and the first time SO is going to meet my family.

So it chaps my hide, and I don't know how to shoo that little fly away. 


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Using illness to get pity and attention, my SD60's life plan.  Sigh.  She did this as a girl, still does.  Back in the day, she'd come to me about 10 pm with frightening, mysterious symptoms.  I'd worry, try to diagnose then have a sleepless night.  Next morning, instant healing.  One time, we sent all 5 to a weeklong summer camp, heavenly time to ourselves....until the nurse called, SD had a mysterious illness and we had to pick her up.  In those days, beside getting our undivided attention, it seemed a way to stand apart from the other 4 kids.

She still does it altho she has some real medical issues, many caused by her own actions (drug use and not taking her rx as prescribed)  However, she exaggerates symptoms and is the most self-pitying person I've ever met.  Now that I'm grayrocking her, I don't hear so much.  DH gets bored hearing about any medical issue that isn't his own.  Lol.

I just remembered, she also "got sick" the weekend we went to Las Vegas to be married.  These people are tiresome and transparent.


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It's a "sprained" ankle; not a life-threatening illness. The big question is what will your SO do. If he falls for her malarkey and cancels on you over a minor boo-boo, that does not bode well.

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A choice of your relationship.  Go with you, giving his DD a aspirin.
Or stay at home with his DD,  Telling you, his DD is more important then you and your relationship.  Giving you a major hint to to start running and not look back. 
It not like DD had a heart attack, auto accident with major injuries.  It's a sprained ankle.  !   Ice it and it will get better 

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SO is most definitely not bailing on our trip.  It was planned pre-Covid and had to be cancelled twice due to lockdowns. It's a huge deal for me to see my family, and for both of us as a couple.  I expected some drama from SD17, but I'm just disappointed it went this far. The activity we all did together was something I specifically wanted to do, so it burns that she was "injured" from it.

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Glad to hear he's not bailing!

Is it possible she rolled her ankle and it swelled later? That happened to me this Summer. Or maybe she sprained it elsewhere and wants attention/sympathy? Regardless, enjoy your trip!

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The best way to deal with "fake" injury or illness is to send them to bed and make it as boring as hell so they don't get what they were seeking.  Ignore it.   

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Has so many ailments.  It is on her greatest hits album.  I can't do whatever because of whatever ailment.

Ignore it, she is trying to get attention.  Just focus on your trip and enjoy it.