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Too on the nose?

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I wanna buy a set of hoodies.

Mine will read "Wicked Cool Stepmother"

The sboys will say "My stepmom makes the best Apple pies"


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fabulous Wink

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Like for realsy.

This is gonna be a thing. Half the time BM loves me, the other half she is crazy. The skids talk to me as often on the phone as they do FDH. They like me so far.

I'm just going to be the most funny SM I can be. When I see BM I'll wear big black broomstick skirts and my top hat (complete with mourning veil) and carry my black lace parisol constantly. All my cheapy accessories will have red Apple charms dripping from them.

Just full Victorian mourning clothing all the time. I mean really, she can't do or say anything about it.

She's too stupid to figure it out anyway. It's the little things that amuse me.