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OT #ftk weekend edition

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All is well in family land. 

Ate one of the best meals ive had in a while.

Focused on myself ... guilt free 


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Also as part of one of the best meal I ate...I went to a fine dining steakhouse 

Of course I had to be extra and ordered seafood instead of steak, an appetizer, and a very tasty expensive mixed drink my dumb ass took 3 sips of and left the rest (my tolerance is non existent and the later it got the more my anxiety kicked in and I got worried I'd be super drunk, alone, and the worst fears started kicking in)

I invited a female acquaintance from my kids school but she and her friend decided to go to the restaurant next door ... whatev 

My biggest regret is not getting there a bit earlier bc the seating was questionable and the service declined once the bar got super packed  

If I'm going to go to a restaurant solo I like to sit in bar area bc some other people are chatty and it's easier to strike a conversation especially those u-shaped bars. 

Anyways upon arrival, the male host tried to sit me next to some supposedly single men. Which wasn't that bad except it was right next to the area where the bar collects the drinks to hand off to the servers for their customers on the main floor who order drinks. 

She asks if I want to move ... I really wanted to sit next to the single men buuuuut I didn't want to be that close to the bar traffic ...... so I move. 

Praying some generous men sit next to me

Next thing I know ---- it's mf ing couples night or something and a dude pulls out a chair for his partner then a few minutes later, same thing on the other side of me. 

Great! I'm next to couples so wtf can I possibly do with this? 

Anyways I just enjoy my meal and surprisingly the woman on my left asks me about my food and we briefly chat. Idk if she's a swinger or what but her partner was kind of flirty with the bartender and she didn't seem to mind. She also could tell I was ready for my check but her partner kept off topic chatting with bartender so she subconsciously shut him up so I could get her attention for my tab.

The lady on the right started chatting me up too but this time she asked about my drink and insinuating it must be nasty if I didn't drink it all ... I didn't have the gall to tell her I'd rather leave it (shouldn't have ordered it tbh) than get wasted af when I'm out at night by myself. 

I would have just slowly sipped up but once I started eating, the night started falling .... my eyes got heavier and heavier and I wanted to go to sleep lol. 

Thankfully I live right near the place and had a very slim chance of dui 

Waking up this morning and going to recreate the experience (minus the liquor) 


Contemplating calling out or taking vto tomorrow so I can have even more time to enjoy my day sans kids. 

Contemplating even more ways to leave my employers while doubling my income. 

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That is quite the night 

I'm the type to avoid eye contact at all costs and eat my meal lol

I have never dined solo at a fancy restaurant 

A month ago I was having some serious daydreams of Uber-ing to a fine dining restaurant by myself and having the most drawn out dinner by myself with appetizers, wine and entrees followed by a fancy tiramisu dessert. And if anyone made a comment about my thinning chemo hair or the fact that I am dining alone I would have an amazing comeback or evil glare

I just want to sit down by myself and eat some fine dining. I have never done that. I also just don't want to be judged. I feel like people keep making comments on how thick my hair is. It just so happens I'm on taxol which causes thinning. Go figure...??? Uggh I'm just sick of society 

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The funny thing is if you try Ubering to a fancy solo dining might be pleasantly surprised.

IDK what it was but every single time I went the women were unexpectedly really nice to me (maybe that had sympathy for me being alone or something) .... one woman gave me half of her massive dessert, this time one lady gave me her silverware when she saw I didn't have any and quietly summoned her man to close his pie hole (distracting the bartender) so I could get my ticket and leave, and both ladies struck up convos with me

And the men .... 90% of the time ... of course theyre going to be nice, chat, even offer to pay (if they think they have a shot at turning it into something more)

People don't judge as much as you might think....half of them liqoured up probably thinking youre judging them for their overt lush-like behaviors lol 

I had planned on getting sparkling water with lime and instantly judged myself for that $25 sip of martini

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I love the idea of going alone. Like we deserve it!! Some time to pamper and spoil our selves. I like the idea of that

Plus I love dining out.. Hehe

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I enjoy going to restaurants on my own. It doesn't happen often these days, it was more common when I went freelance and  I  desperately needed to get out of the house.  I'm a people watcher - it can be fascinating to observe others. I also generally have a book to read - books, good food and great service, what's not to like.

There's half a dozen restaurants (Vietnamese,  Indian, steakhouse, French...) I frequent so I'm "known" but even before that, the tables I was offered were all away from the windows, back to the wall and where I could easily catch the waiter's eye if I needed anything. I never thought about it before but there seems to be an unspoken rule about keeping an eye out for women on their own without interfering.


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I'm another who enjoys going to restaurants solo. I had a job where I traveled a lot, so got quite comfortable eating out alone with a book to read while I enjoyed a leisurely meal.. Still do, on occasion.  

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I can not go to a fancy restaurant by myself. Expecally on the weekend.   Did you go for a good meal, or to meet people?  Single man ?    If you are going to meet a man  there must be know restaurant/bars/clubs that has that reparations for a meeting place. 
The  first steep is the hardest. As first time out alone.   It will be easier the next time.   You should settle the drinking thing.  Either keep it to one drink or seriously Uber it.  No one wants a DWI today