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Employers Of The Year

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Well my managers manager calls me and I decided to answer. 

*I shouldn't have answered ugh bc she completely caught me off guard

Mind you I'm in the middle of filing unemployment....

Asking me if I'm okay and no explanation as to why my calendar was blank when I first asked weeks ago. 

Then asking if I wanted to come back to work for them....tomorrow.  

IDK if I have legal leverage with the FMLA issue or if they're just so hard up for employees after they let a bunch of people go. 

These people watch the attendance and schedules like vulchers so how would these managers be confused if I'm supposed to be there or not?

These jokers have me feeling like a bipolar BM on her worst day. I went from confused to angry, depressed, frustrated  then to relieved, confident, motivated then right back to confused again. I started making plans to have more freedom, make more money, and run a business full time  

Idk why I said yes bc after I hung up I felt more confused like should I have just told her no or let me think about it. 



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I have been totally enjoying my peace from the unrealistic expectations of management and the disgruntled people I have to deal with on a daily basis. 

I might be deluding myself but aside from the benefits (better health and dental insurance, leadership role during busy season) IDK if I want that job back.  

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Why would these people call me back in the middle of unemployment claim - asking me to work for them - pretending like I'm still employed 

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Honestly.. that was your opportunity to tell them that you were under the impression that you had been let go.  That your manager would not return any communications.. and that when you reached out to HR all they did was send you a generic severance information packet.  

Telling them that your schedule was cleared without you knowing anything about it.. that no one would give you any further information.. so when HR sent you the package that you thought you had been let go and were filing unemployement.

Also might have been a chance to ask if you could be placed under a different manager.. or ask if your manager was relocated.. because the last week or so has been very upsetting and frustrating  and you were given the impression you were let go.. but never even seemed to get any official confirmation of that.

It was the perfect time to reach out.. and honestly.. I might reach back out to them to tell them what happened.

Now.. do you really want to work there? maybe not.. maybe it will give you some time to pivot if you stay on until YOU are more ready though?

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All of those are questions that have crossed my mind after the call (she REALLY caught me off guard). 

I did tell her I thought I'd been laid off so she's asking who told me that and proof of that (which I have I just don't want to get that person in trouble if it was a generic packet)

I may just call her back up and ask more questions. Because I prefer not to work with the same direct manager if she's going to keep unfairly peppering my HR files. And the momement she writes me up for some BS I'm going to resign because I am not interested in working for psychopathic managers on multiple power trips. 

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You should def call the manager but have your questions written down... and any notes.

You can tell her that you knew there were a lot of layoffs going on and that when your schedule was 100% cleared and your manager was not responding to you.. you contacted HR and asked if you had been laid off.. and they sent you that packet.  You can say that it may have been a miscommunication with HR.. that they didn't understand that you were asking IF.. and thought you were asking ABOUT being laid off (ie someone had already informed you).

Basically.. the evidence you had.. no schedule.. hr sending you the packet when you asked... with no responses from your direct manager led you to believe you were, in fact.. laid off.  

You can say that you would prefer to not work with same manager again because their lack of communication is a huge problem here.. and caused you a lot of distress thinking you had been laid off.  


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Go back.  Be very discerning in what you accept and be very assertive in communicating with your leadership.  Get your requirements list built and get on the 2Up manager's callendar day 1 to have the conversation.

Inform them that you will not report to your prior manager, recommend direct reporting to the 2Up manager.

Have your scripted statements and positions built and memorized. I use commute time to engrain them so when I need to use them I can confidenctly express them. This also gives you a rapid reference that you can quickly mentally edit to address related by varied situations.

Since 2Up confirmed that you were never terminated, push your FMLA forward and let 2Up know that in the event the former intollerable environment is still in place, that you will engage the intermittent FMLA as you and your medical team decide.  Or, keep that discussion in your pocket but push the approval forward.

Keep pushing on networking and keep applying to interesting roles.  Be as loyal as they earn and as your financial position will allow.  If they deliver. Great. If not, let them pay you to keep looking.

Regarding employer quality, I am recruiting a team at my new company.  I have reached out to top performer former employees to guage their interest.  I have a number (4) of top grade talents who are interested in joining the company.  There are also a number of former employees applying to opennings I am recruiting to fill.  Sadly, the number who are top tier are overshadowed by the number of people I released at the last company for performance issues.

So far, I like the energy and direction the new start up company is demonstrating.  I presented at the montly Sr. leader status meeting this AM.  That went well.  Of course... the COO/CFO (one person currently in both seats) wants more, more, more, for less, less, less.  

But.. that is part of what makes start ups so much fun... and challenging.

Stay true to yourself Lilly.

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