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Do NOT Bring That Mess In Here!!!

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Inspired by you all holding these maladjusted bio parents responsible, I FINALLY took action regarding his lack of boundaries with his kids (especially late at night and early in the morning. 

Backstory: this dude, that payment plan pr0stitut3, and those skids seem to think everything is an emergency 

Well telling maladjusted bio parents that their parenting skill are deficient and to tighten up is like dragging an old smelly alley cat for a bath. 

Sometimes you just got bathe a dirty cat and teach and old dog new tricks if it's in the best interests of everyone  

I learned from old school parenting and I don't do "gentle" parenting because my opinion is those kids turn out to be snowflakes, incels, permanent dependents etc  

Anyways I flat out said "Is your daughter okay? Does she need emergency response? No? Okay now it's 11:30pm on Thursday and most children are asleep and unless it's something that needs emergency response EMT, POLICE, ER trip, etc then whatever it is can be communicated within reasonable hours. IDK if the call is 2 seconds, 2 minutes, 2 hours or more. If you chose to take non-emergency calls after 8pm then you need to get off your duff and go to another room!" 

I absolutely REFUSE to let these people cause late night/early am disturbances 

Run that B*tch Beck & Call service elsewhere 







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Fowarding all non emergency after hours custodial responsibilities right back to the payment plan pr0stitut3 


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I'm guessing your SD is a child or teen, not 61 like mine.  But we've had a lifelong series of "emergencies".  Back in the day, when she lived with us, she'd be her high energy self all day.  Then about 10 pm, she'd come to me with some vague but alarming symptom.  I'd be awake all night trying to think what to do with the plan to call the doctor ASAP.  Morning would find her "cured".  I now realize it was a bid for MORE attention but I wish now I'd said, "Cut this stuff  out".

In her twenties, when dating, she'd call Dad if she was mad at a boyfriend.  I guess she thought her run to the rescue.

After the disastrous last stint living here, I finally got the message across :  don't call before 9 am or after 9 pm.

These people are tiresome.


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Like 12 hours out of the day to seek attention isn't enough?

Maladjusted Skids just don't quit. Their attention seeking is 24/7 from the cradle to the grave Lol! 

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So make a deal - either he leaves his phone in the fridge at night or he sleeps on the couch with all doors closed... or you amputate a body part per night of non-compliance.