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As COVID Season Winds Down….

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All I can think is THANK GOODNESS I didn't have to deal with guilt riddled Disneyland parents and manipulative breeders sending sick-as-a-dog skids into my space spreading their pathogens. 

I was able to successfully avoid the Rona this season without having to argue and seem like "the mean bad guy"


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Hey, Lilly,

I often wonder if your ex-Disneyland Dad is quite so accommodating to his un-house-trained pair without you to provide domestic duties and 'seggs'. Or, if the ‘Breeder’ is still enjoying as many respites like the many times she shuffled off her ‘bumps on a log’ to you and your ex.

Do you ever get news of them?


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Love this granny d

Living my best life at current .... while I'll assume that BBeck n Call hotline is still operable. 

I tried to Disable it but if Disneyland dads can't reform there's no point dealing with tjem


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We did not avoid the Rona this season.  So far, I am skipping a season between Rona infestations in our home.  My first positive test was 12/25/2021 and the next one was 12/28/2023.  DW caught it in 2022 and 2023. Her second infestation was the same day as mine.  It was also infestation day for my parents, and our kid, and my brother's family.