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Clingy Disneyland Dad…

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This dude says he's thinking about going out of town with his family for a funeral. 

I encourage him to go AND take his domestic t3rrorists - I mean mini spouses - oops I mean spawns with him. 

He hems and haws then changes his mind and says she's staying in town. 


Well there goes my quiet space, peace, and freedom. 

I plan to go whever i know they will decline - libraries, art museums, Whole Foods, bookstores, women's clearance rack shopping (lol) etc.; discreetly drop off more item in storage, etc  

Hope to avoid them most of the time  



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What are you getting out of this relationship?  How does moving out really change anything 

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I get nothing out of being with him which is exactly why I want to leave  

He wasn't as difficult to live with until his ex-wife moved her conniving ass back in town, settled 5 min away, and started making demands  (which I don't want to deal with anymore since he doesn't have a good handle on his ex situation)

I didn't think moving in with him all the way through and in hindsight I should have kept my own place but he convinced me to move in and despite my better judgment I agreed and now I regret it. 

I prefer to live alone like I was before and realizing that I don't want to live with him nor his kids because he makes stepparenting/co-existing with men very difficult and it was much easier/peaceful when I was single living alone. 

I have to wait until I can afford to move out. I live in a city with high cost of living and no where is renting for the amount my previous apartment cost (where I had a rental rate from 5 years ago)

I have a kid with a deadbeat father (which I sued in court for many years but he's working under the table now so why bother) so I support my kid by myself (to a very high level) and it takes a lot of my resources and my current position doesn't make much money (as soon as re-certification season is over and until my side hustle pays more then I'm going to look for higher paying positions)


I just got paid yesterday and ALL of it is gone to bills. 

I m doing what I can to make more and if I could wake up tomorrow and magically have millions I would. I started a new business a couple of months ago to give me a second income stream but it is going to take a couple more months to start getting close to breaking even getting profitable  

I don't know what else to say. If I could leave tomorrow without putting myself in a worse situation I definitely would. And if it were an emergency where my life is on the line then I would leave immediately. 

I know it seems like I'm stuck just complaining (which I kind of feel like that at current) but I know with ever fiber of my being that I can (and will) elevate myself into a better position in life - without living with him/his kids; without tolerating someone who I'm not compatible with; without the demands of a relationship that doesn't serve me at all anymore

 I'm just dealing with the daily annoyances by minimizing the time I have to be around him, etc. 

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Funny how he was all gung-ho about going to the funeral until he faced the prospect of *traveling alone with his own children.* After that, he realized he wasn't as broken up over the person's passing as he thought he was. 

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Thats probably EXACTLY what he was thinking 

He knew he would have to deal with them alone AND pay for their demands to buy them food, funeral clothes, souvenirs, etc. 

He was probably hoping I'd go and help him pay and entertain his kids = HELL no!

Then if I didn't go (no way in hell I want to be stuck in a car with him and his kids for longer and 20 min) he'd be "embarrassed" looking like a single dad and then try to get sympathy by pretending not to know where I am (I have to clean out my closets/gtfo prep/study to renew my professional licenses)

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He's got it all wrong. Looking like a single father is the absolute tops for getting sympathy and help. If he weren't so dim, he'd be portraying you as the business woman that you are and basking in your glory. But he's not and he's stupid enough to feel ashamed of being alone rather than boasting how busy you are as proof of your success.

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Awww thank you Winterglow. 

I guess he's jealous my current and future success won't  benefit him (aka he knows I won't help him financially) and got his head so far up his exwifes ass he can't see his blessings if they punched him in the jugular. 

Sometimes I feel like I've fallen into that role of "evil" stepmother but I realize that having a well-adjusted partner who respects your wishes is key to step-parent success. 

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"I don't understand, don't you WANT your kids to feel like part of your family? They will be SO disappointed."

The trick is to keep a straight face and sound concerned.

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Ahahaha. Trust me ... I tried that. 

He responded by saying it's not his immediate family it's his uncles brother who he barely knows. 

He just wanted to go to socialize with the responsible well adjusted men in his family but realizing they probably manage their finances better so they can afford the trip and their kids are more well behaved and won't be hassling the hell out of them for 4+ hours

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I am going to the places I said above. 

He's deciding to schedule his hair appointment for himself and his son. 

Unless he compensates me for the hassle, Im going to rage if he tries to push his daughter off on me instead of taking her with him. 

IDGAF if it's all men in there he better figure it out 

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i too love museums and shopping for recreation, whole paycheck is fun too!

LOL yeah, no on SD staying with you...

I got a reprieve from SD Powersulk CPS this weekend Biggrin And when I heard she was "stopping by" with Toxic Troll to pick up some of her things (take it all please!) I turned the porch light on and kept the door locked (she lost her key...oh well).

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Ahahaha - I love when they voluntarily opt out 

Sh*t opt out every weekend and make my job easier!

This dude had the audacity a few month back to have his kids dropped off when I went out of town and he was at work (to give his ex a "break").

I could give 2 f*cks about that 304 getting respite from her own kids (not my problem that itchB don't like her own kids) so I made sure to turn off all the lights at the house (should have turned off WiFi), set the alarms, etc to discourage them and their beastly breeder from using my house as an unsupervised holding cell. 

Bertha the Breeder keep playing, then next time she tries using my house as respite (and if Doormat Disney Dad complied with her) I'm sending Jehovah's Witness and telling them to come anytime AND knock hard!

And if that don't work I'm setting a hidden sound system on "gunshot" mode....

Scare tf out them kids so they refuse to be dropped off alone as they should be. 

Thankfully they haven't been dropped off here by themselves in a while. 

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Turned the porch light off, almost pretended not to hear her rattling the door knob (previously I would have left the porchlight on and left the front door unlocked to ease her entry and life) but let her in.

HAHAHA love that "scare tf outta them with gunshot mode sound system".

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I hate to be that person but it's like if he's too much of a doormat and his exwife thinks the house I pay bills in is her free weekly respite, then a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. 


Turn this house into a haunted house they will be too scared to come to without parental supervision 

These numskulls let the kids lead them so if those kids tell them they're too scared then thats the only way they'll stop disrespecting my house boundaries 

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Lilly, you kill me! ROFL

Had to look up '304'; 

Involuntary Commitment (304)
An involuntary commitment is an application for emergency evaluation and treatment for persons who are a danger to themselves or others due to a mental illness.

As long as you manage to hang on to that sense of humour, you will always survive. ♥️

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304 = hoE (back in the days when pagers existed and to insult someone you'd type 304 if they turn the pager up side down it reads "hoe")

But an involuntary mental institution and a lobotomy - him and his ex wife need that too

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longer acceptable practice.

About the only option is promoting extreme sports and then tell them that only cowards wear helmets. Motorcycles, skiiing, rock climbing, 

Do some research.

5 Sports That Cause The Highest Number of Brain Injuries (


I know, I jest... in poor taste.

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The doormat Disney dad tried to tell me one time I scared his kids because they weren't expecting the alarm system to go off when they entered. 

I said "hell THEY scared me because I was unaware you allowed your exwife to drop them off without my consent and I assumed an intruder breeched the property and was about to call 911"

I think he is slowly figuring out I'm not playing about letting his exwife do random drop offs when no one is here. Especially if it's not discussed with me in advance first 

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Thank heavens he took BOTH of them with him to his appointment 

I hate how he tries to go places and stick one of them with me. 

"Um no itchB - I have one kid and that's how I like it for now -  YOU chose to have two kids now take your two kids (yes both of them) with you! If I have the resources and I want to help you I'll let you know but don't ask and if you do ask accept the word no as the final answer"  

Too bad they hate reading and libraries lol! 

In order to not be too mean to them im going to give them one hour (or more if I have the time) of chit chat or whatever when they get back

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Even if you have to rent a room for a few months.   To save up for a; apartment.   Have to do something.  He's taking you down with him