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OT - Graduation announcements

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Even though SS18 (probably) won't have a graduation ceremony...he's still graduating and we are working on announcements.

DH and I thought it would be fun to just write something silly on the announcement, since there isn't actually ceremony info to list.

DH suggested "he's still graduating, ceremony or not!"

Anybody have any suggestions or clever ideas?

Thanks in advance! 


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I have a clever idea on how to give him a graduation!

I found my HS grad program, and it sparked an idea. I told OSS I was going to design a program for his graduation and fill out the inside with his name.

Valedictorian? OSS. Honors Student of the Year? OSS. Presidential Honors Academic Award? OSS. Graduating class? OSS.

Plus I'll put in class song (I'm thinking "It's the End of the World As We Know It"), flower, color, etc all themed around the pandemic. I also thought about getting family to write some funny but heartfelt quotes to put in (like "10/10, would parent again").

Then I was going to put him on Zoom in front of everyone and make him give a speech, and give him a fake diploma (because the real one always comes in the mail, so this part will be authentic). We'll take some awkward family photos after, and some screenshots with family. The funnier I can make it, the better.

If I come up with something fantastic, I'll share!

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This is a great idea! Thanks, it would be fun to do something like this.

Currently his school is hoping to still have a graduation ceremony in June, although I'm guessing that won't happen. Sad

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Even if they did, I'd be hesitant to attend. There was an article out ealier this week about 5 people in Indiana who died of COVID that they linked back to a HS basketball tournament in early March before community spread was thought to be occurring in the state. I'm not sure I'd chance it.

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We plan on having some type of ceremony later in the summer, maybe not as formal, but something is better than nothing