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How old is too old to hunt Easter Eggs?

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My stepdaughter is 12 and is as tall as I am. I have two baby granddaughters and I planned to have an Easter Egg Hunt for them at my house on Easter. SD12 is not even supposed to be here; she will be at her mom's, but my DH is asking if he should bring her home early for the hunt. Seriously, DH? You want that humongous kid to hunt eggs with my toddler/preschool granddaughters? I told him he could do something for her if he wanted to but she could not participate in the egg hunt I am planning for a 3 & 5 year old.

So my question is old is too old to hunt Easter Eggs? My kids stopped around 9 or 10.


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I think it depends on the kid and the situation. If there will be other kids around and if she was already going to be there then I see no problem with her joining in. But to bring her there solely for the egg hunt is a little unnecessary. She's a bit old. My niece is 10 and she's not really interested anymore.
SD13 wants us to do an egg hunt for her and I basically told SO that he can do it if he wants but i'm not. It would be different if there were younger kids around for her to do it with, but she would be doing it alone. That's just weird.

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My daughter is doing one this year at 10. SS almost 19 still does them and no one sees a problem with it except me.

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I'd recruit the SD12 to help with the hunt, hide eggs, help the kids, take pictures, whatever might interest her? Tell DH, "It's embarrassing for SD12 to participate like a toddler. Let's not let that happen. Convince her to help out instead?!"

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Agreed, once kids reach the age of not believing, it's time for them to be included in another way.

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I would say she's too old to COMPETE with the 3 and 5 year olds. BUT, not too old for you to hide special eggs for her. So maybe hide some purple eggs for her in some harder to find spots?

I'm not sure how well behaved she is, but last year at my church they hid Easter Eggs for BS4 (we go to a tiny church and there are only 3 kids that go there.. BS4 and 2 gals that are ages 13 and 11) The older girls, actually helped BS4 find is eggs. They were so sweet! The ladies at church had some other eggs (not hidden) to give the girls and they were happy with that. Of course if your SD is an entitled princess this won't work.... Sad

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Agree... if there were other kids closer to her age. But not with a 3 and 5 year old. And especially since she isn't even scheduled to be there.

Why cant we ever do stuff for our own bios without the skids being included? So annoying.

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My SD is an entitled princess AND she thinks she's five years old. I can see her running all over my granddaughters if she hunts with them. My granddaughters have been well raised and they truly are polite, sweet little princesses (without the entitled and spoiled).

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LMAO - I am with your parents!

I have always hidden all their eggs.

Older dd's are now 24 (and lives 3000k's away) but dd21 still at home.

When I had 4 at home, oldest dd in her late teens, then no 2 3 years younger, no 3 10 years younger than that and no 4 another 3 years younger - they all had colour coded eggs.

Every egg had a sticker on it - if it wasn't your colour you put it back and kept looking.

If you are in my house and you want eggs you better be prepared to search for them LOL

Mainly my reason for keeping the older girls in it was so that the younger ones didn't question it "why does the bunny hide my eggs but sister gets hers given to her?"

But I see no harm, it's a bit of fun, if you are concerned she'll take all the eggs colour code them. Hide hers in harder higher up places and tell them all - anything below this height is for little people and anything above this height is for bigger people.

We've only had the skids once for Easter so I just did the colour coded thing with all of them, other years (this one included) they will have the same eggs as the dd's, but just given to them after Easter.

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I like the colorcoded eggs hidden in tougher areas idea. The image of a big kid mowing down toddlers to get the easy eggs sitting in the middle of the lawn is just distasteful and I think anyone but the most Disney of parents would get that. (Although there will certainly be some who think this is perfectly fine! LOL)

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"he image of a big kid mowing down toddlers to get the easy eggs sitting in the middle of the lawn is just distasteful"

Thanks, that made me Biggrin !

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Smile Glad I gave you a giggle! I was laughing too when I wrote it with the image in my head.

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Ha Ha!

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HUMPH!! The kids at my MIL's will be hunting eggs. The fake kind. ONLY because MIL puts MONEY in them. Said kids are 11 up to 16. It is sickening. They would not have anything to do with this if not for the money.

My DH will do the same damn thing in my house Easter morning. He will blabber about how "cute" it is. Skids will practically kill each other to find the eggs over the money. Not cute DH… not even a little bit SS is 14 almost 15. SD is 12 almost 13.

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Oh yeah...SD12 definitely expects money in the eggs. IF we do a hunt for her, and that is a big "if", I guaran-damn-tee you those eggs will NOT have money in them. Period.

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I'm tempted to hide them for OH too, and tell him to hide mine, it's just FUN people. Adults and teens can have fun too... even skids are allowed some fun. Even MY skids are allowed some fun - OMG did I just say that - quick take my temperature I must be sick..... }:)