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OT - Need your advice

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My 97yo mom with dementia and hearing loss is in a long-term place.  She tested positive for covid Wednesday and was moved to quarantine. She i s doing well so far.   I know they are doing their best with escalating positive outcomes and staff shortages as personnel also test positive.  How do I get more attention for mom?  Im not talking about medical care but her tv isnt funtioning ( knowing her, probably punched the wrong buttons on remote), can hardly work her flip phone and turned off the ringer somehow, cant work a radio but I bought her a pre-loaded music player where you need to turn down the volume by inserting a pin into a hole in the bottom ( designed for dementia patients so they cant turn it up too loud).  I have been calling the activity director to do things but I think i'm turning into a pest.  Let me know the most effective way to get help.  Thanks, guys.


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Try talking to the CNA assigned to your mom. They are likely the one doing most of the care and help with things like remote/telephone and such. 

They are busy busy folks. My son is a CNA and worked at a nursing home for 2 years before he started at the hospital. He had up to 15 patients he was responsible for some nights.

He was TIRED after work, but truly cared for all of his patients and did as much as possible to try to make them comfortable and happy. 

Also, if possible try for the NIGHT SHIFT crew, they are way less stuck up. 

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I'll try that, thanks!