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Car saga, the next episode

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So, we got up today, picked up SD, went to the finance company to get the lien release, called the tow company and decided to go there Monday, went to the dealership, test drove the car back to our house, had our retired used car dealer neighbor look it over, went back, negotiated and bought the car.  We pick it up Monday.

During all this, SD was very confused, got names wrong, bad directions, couldnt remember things.  DH said, "Your'e a bubble off!".  She drove the car from the dealership to our house, about 5 blocks, but it was alarming.

At one point, we thought we'd be taking possession today and her eyes lit up.  I had been staying low key all day but said, "If we get it today, Dad or I am driving it to our house and parking it in the driveway until you get insurance".  Hate shone out of her eyes but DH agreed with me.  I know her, she can talk a good game about getting insurance but will put it off forever, meanwhile driving all over in her crazy way.  I also had it put in her name.  DH was surprised but I told him I didn't want her driving around in a vehicle that's titled to us.  I also privately told him I wouldn't be riding with her again.

I insisted that I'm going to see Mom today, we will be later than usual but I want DH and SD to realize my life is going on as usual regardless of her drama.  He's taking her home now, then we will go to Mom's.  Then wine time.....


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During all this, SD was very confused, got names wrong, bad directions, couldnt remember things. 


I wouldn't want my name on any car that she's driving, either. She's quite a mess.

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I dont know what she's on but its something.  I dont even want to know.

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And you've earned a glass on wine after this day!

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Your SD is 60. By 60, a lot of addicts have hit rock bottom and taken back their lives. They have to, as they have no choice. Your SD might be having these problems at such an old age because your DH has never let her fall. 

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You are totalky correct.

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Softy OSS called.  SD has been calling him all day, in tears, please bring Dad's truck, she won't have wheels for over a week.  I explained that we bought the car, will probably have it Monday.  He is exasperated, says there's someplace she must be wanting to go tonight to put the pressure on like this. I told him it was all his decision, I dont want to get in the middle.  I told him I'd not allowed SD to drive the new car without insurance.  He is concerned about that aspect, too, rightfully. I hate her. I told him she has food. Dad took her to the grocery store, she has shelter.  It can wait til Monday.

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If SD needs to go somewhere, she can walk or take a cab/uber. Or ask a friend for a ride. 

JRI, I'm girl-crushing on you and your steadiness through all that transpired. *give_rose*

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Kudos to you for putting it in her name. All liability is on her now. 

And for standing strong even with her "hate" flowing out of her eyes. 

Wish I was near by. I'd bring a bottle of wine after your visit and we'd have a nice evening. We could celebrate your victory today and me turning 60 in a few weeks. LOL

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I'm at the casino, upstairs eating dinner and drinking wine.  Life is good!  The casino is brain shampoo for me.

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Or situation? Thats enabling and certainly not teaching her responsibility.

i had a cousin, horrible woman always causing issues and trying to actively break up peoples marriages etc. Her husband died of a heart attack on an o/seas business holiday. When it came to claiming life insurance policy, she found out he had married a 2nd woman (totally legal in their country), she was left without a penny and her ex inlaws were happy to be rid of her.

she was such an awful person that even her ex parent in laws had no concern for their only grandchild and they were left penniless. 
she guilted her family into getting a car loan so she could drive around instead of being a responsible person herself. It backfired and cue in the family fights and arguments. 15-20 yrs on, she's still an awful miserable toxic person. 

people like this never learn when things are handed to them on a silver/gold platter