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The poop drama.

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Wiping a six year olds bottom?
Submitted by JEEMudder on Mon, 07/09/2012 - 8:20pm
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This sounds ridiculous, but as most of you know, the most ridiculous things become an issue when you are in a blended family!

To keep it short, this is the basic issue. Bio-mom spoils the crap out of SD6. When SD6 is with bio-mom, she demands something, ie, "I want juice!", and bio-mom hops up and fetches. When SD6 has a bowel movement (goes poop), she believes it is somebody elses job to wipe her arse because bio-mom does that for her too. (a short bit of back-ground - bio-mom is a jobless swine who lives off of DH's child support and her new husband, and EI between her minimum wage occasional jobs, and lives in a small apartment which is rarely cleaned so she has time to play slave I suppose. I work full-time in a very stressful healthcare job, AND have two other kids, and a house to care for... ie: very little spare time)

Now I have my own daughter. BD6 wipes her own arse and has been for at least a year and a half now. BD6 also knows that if she wants something I am happy to get it for her. "Mom may I please have some juice" works like a charm every time. Basic manners are very important in our household.

Long story short, at what age did you all stop wiping your children's bums? DH says "she is still very young", but I am thinking that when they start grade one next year, nobody is going to wipe their butts for them there, so she better start figuring it out! Tell me I am not wrong?!


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It really isn't the 6 year olds fault. It is the bio-mom who encourages her to treat people like slaves.

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4 years old is when they should be able to wipe there butt but with a little help from you. They hit and miss at that age. By the time they are 5 they should already have it licked with maybe a few skid marks in their underwear. At 5 they are in Kindergarten and at that age they should be able to take care of themselves. My BD 5 is able to wipe her butt all on her own but I do admit I find a skid mark or two in her panties when I wash them where she didn't quite get the job completely done. She does very well for her age despite the skids every now and then.

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I totally understand! Before I even met DH, SD was raised by BM for the critical first 7 yrs of her life (due to DH military deployments) and SD wasn't potty trained until around age 6. So, when I met DH after he gained full custody of SD7, she was having mega problems with potty training. BM even told me I would have to go in the bathroom with SD and hold her feet while she took a shit! It was so bad that DH had to tell SD which days she was supposed to go take a shit! So, one day, we were at a very crowded Starbucks and we asked SD what pastry she wanted to eat. SD looked at DH and LOUDLY said, "WAIT, Is today PooPoo day?" I was so freaking embarrassed!

Also, BM told DH that he had to brush her teeth for her. This was all when SD was 7 and also during my first year of marriage with DH! Talk about a horrible first year impression! So, one day when I saw DH brushing SD7's teeth like a freaking dolphin--her mouth wide open and him scrubbing away--I tripped out! I'm like, don't you think a 7yo should be brushing her own teeth?! DH said, "Well, BM told me she needs someone to brush her teeth for her."

Haha, DH was taking instruction from this person who has had the courts take away both her biokids because she is an "unfit" parent!

So yeah....

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Wow! I hope you put your foot down to that! That is nuts! Sometimes our DH's need a good kick in the butt too!