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Ugh...Why more pets..just why

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SD has informed us...that GWR has adopted two kittens.  Ugh...why more pets..just why...

Apparently Beaver is not onboard with the kitten adoptions so I'm waiting for these two poor souls to make an exit just like the last two cats did.  The minute these two need vet care they will be gone or suffer.

The list of poor unfortunate souls...include

3 or 4 cats - one of which is infamous in our house due to the fact Beaver chose to inform the kids of its passing at bedtime a mere 24 hours or so before she would see them just to we would deal with the fall out and totally fubar DH's last night with the kids

2 - dogs....1 dog is still living there 

1 geko

1 chamelion

1 turtle

1 frog 

countless fish


Just DH says...pets either die or disappear at Beavers.




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Lord I hate animal hoarders! I had a friend and her family who do this, they would pick up strays, adopt pets and then between their households pass them off to one another as they couldn't either train them or take care of them. It makes me so mad to see people treat animals so carelessly.

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Animals aren't disposable.  My parents certainly re-homed a lot of strays I brought home as a kid. Always broke my heart.  I vowed to be different when I had my own place. I did have every creature known to man pretty much.  Many of them lasted till their natural death but there were a few times my parents would nurse back to health strays I'd bring and then they would 'dissapear' to lord knows where.  They always told me they rehomed them.  I don't know- knowing my parents they wouldn't bother nursing back to health to just dump them so I try to trust they did the right thing. 

 I take the commitment seriously, I know each cat will be around 15-20 years, and dogs 12-15.   I DO have a lot, I have two Weims and two cats, a 16yr old and a 1.5yr old calico.  We are getting a 3rd dog (Irish) soon.  That said, we train with them and do tons of activities with the dogs.  All their vet appts are done.  I'm sure we'll get judged for having so many but we DO care for them very well.  In our circle of dog people with hunting/bird dogs though we are the ones with the least dogs, most of them have 3-5 dogs at any given day lol.  

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The smart pets escape and run away.  Animals are seen as disposable by the Gir.  Absolutely ZERO thought goes into her knee jerk decisions.