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Can't be Coincidence

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So lately I've noticed that on the days DH argues with me...the very next morning, SD12 will leave milk spilled on the table or crumbs & peanut butter on the counters. She will also talk sweetly to DH on those mornings and say "love you daddy," which she never does any other day.

It's almost as if she believes DH and her are on one team and I'm on the other. So when DH yells at me, she takes it as an opportunity to leave a big F.U. for me to wake up to the next morning, as if to score a point for Team DH/SD.

I'm about to go off at this useless DH.


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I know in my house they ARE on one team and I am on the other. Especially when all 3 lived with us, any time they could sense dissention between us they would suddenly be VERY nice to their father and VERY nasty to me. They knew that, not only could they get away with being even rude than usual and refusing to do any chores, they could deliberately make messes and be flatly rude to my face. When I brought it to their father's attention, all I heard back was "well, they love me - what do you expect?" My pointing out that on any other day they could give a rat's ass about him and his feelings was not exactly helpful. Nor did it help that my prediction of them coming to him with their hand out for money to get a reward for their "solidarity" never failed to be accurate - sometimes actually DURING the conversation they would show up with their hand out!

Our skids may no be the brightest bulbs but there is no denying that they are supremely opportunistic.....

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Yep, she is using those opportunities to cement team Daddy/Daughter.

Some step mothers do the same thing when spouse and step kids are upset with each other.

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Glue Daddy & Me together ... I'm here for you. I adore you. Frustr8d1 is an uncaring, unloving, yada-yada SM. Evil.

You are not imagining this at all. Team Daddy vs Team Frustr8d1