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It's been a while - Sweet Pea

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Just wanted to pop by and say hey to you gals! It's been forever!

I thought it would be fun to check in and let yall know a few funny things that have happened since I escaped step hell. LOL

I still love my little house. I still see my lovely counselor - only not as often since I've reduced the stress in my life. I did attempt to date - didn't work out so I moved on. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and just chilling out with my kids.

My DD is still in college here. Honors student with a computer science major. She's still dating her sweet BF and he's thriving in the Air Force. The kid made the Presidential Honor Roll - couldn't be more proud of her. She's planning on a trip to France, Spain, and Italy with her honor's group and is competing in a creative writing competition for her university.

My DS is in 8th grade. He's also an honor's student and enjoying his nerdy endeavors LOL!! He still plans on becoming an engineer and working on military weaponry, etc.

He and my DD are best of friends. We love DD's BF, which is a good thing because he's going to be my SIL one of these days when she finishes college. he's been quiet busy with his love life. But he's nabbed a good one this time. She's his younger brother's ex wife and the mother of his niece and nephew. Yes, you read that right. He's sleeping with his former sister in law and dating her. Their family is in utter chaos. LMAO and he just can't figure out why no one is happy for him. That kind of stupid is deeply ingrained but he's a disgusting person, so it seems natural for him. might be a redneck if you go to family reunions to pick up chicks. This is the SECOND time he's done it. The first time was the last gal he was seeing before we divorced. She was his step father's niece. It's good to keep it all in the family.


Life is sweet and I'm having fun!


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:jawdrop: His former SIL?! Oh, my! Classy.

Glad to hear you and the kiddos are doing well! Smile

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LOL yep - I have them all blocked to the teeth on social media but a friend shared it with me. We had a damn good giggle.

He tried to contact me again a couple of weeks ago, out of nowhere. I've not spoken to him in more than 1.5 years, even if he's within 3 feet of me. I pretend he's nothing. His text was to ask me to go by his bank and take my name off his account. LOL - I've been separated/divorced from him for more than 2 years and NOW he wants this done? I just laughed and blocked his number again. LMAO

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Oh my God, so glad you got rid of that baggage!

I'm glad that everything else is going good for you and your family. When the time is right, you will meet someone, it happens when you least expect it. Until then, enjoy your family and friends!

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Hey! I truly am going that route. I know once DD ties the knot, she'll be off to places unknown since she will be a military wife for a while. So, we are enjoying each other. I have a fun group of friends that all hang out. They are the BEST.

I did get an Instagram follow request from former YSS - I just let it sit there. They are all blocked on social media. No idea what XSD is up to = prolly still singing odes to Taco Bell Tacos in coffee houses. MSS has joined the Navy and, shockingly, wasn't kicked out. I've seen him once from afar. He looked as though he might approach me so I turned and walked away to keep him from coming any closer. I do not want ANY of them in my life any more. Oddly, I'm the only ex that has put them all on lockdown and not allowed them a place in my life any longer. They don't deserve to be there. And I don't miss them at all.

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LOL yep, his brother's current wife told me that she was deleted and blocked on FB for commenting "wow, keeping it classy by screwing your brother's ex wife" when they made it FB official with their pictures all loved up on one another. Which I found delightfully hilarious. LMAOOOOO

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are they from deep south Louisiana or TX - cause they could be. I do remember being told that HIS step brother slept with BM after they separated. LMAO - dysfunctional crap out the wazooooo. So, they could be related. This sounds about like something that would happen.

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Hey Pirate Hooker! might be a redneck if you go to family reunions to pick up chicks

I might need to make a meme! Biggrin Biggrin

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What's up, twinsy!!!!

LMAO - let me know if you need the pic again. I still have the giant man baby one and giggle about it from time to time! Nothing like Nimrod's dumb mug to make the meme!!

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ex sil, eh? wow.... and his stepbro hooking up w/ bm. i get it, no blood relations. but EWWWW!!!!!! that's still family!!!!!! :sick: :sick: :sick:

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IKR? Like how did they do Christmas?? lmao.. I'm just trying to picture that shit show!

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Thanks for the update, Sweet Pea! I do wish someone would toss some gossip your way about what's up with those former skids. It would make such a deeeelicious contrast to your children.

Ok--dating his former sil. Dating his kids' aunt. Dating the mother of their cousins.



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LOL - I think folks know better than to bring them up to me. I was told they have convinced all the kids this is the best thing EVER!!!! I'm sure Uncle Step-Daddy Nimrod will just be the best Daddy ever - better than his own brother. HAHAHAHA

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Ack! I hadn't even thought of getting into the step-game with his own brother! Ack ack ack!

Oh, now wait a guldarn minute here: Is your ex-husband now living on/benefiting from Child Support paid by his own damn brother?!!!!


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Hey, he wanted to know how much I received from my ex husband and would I put it in a joint account. I said hell to the NO. That's not for your kids!!

Before he was up to his eyeballs in love with former SIL, she was public enemy number 1 - but she's got an excellent job and makes good money. He likes a woman that can pay his way. Trust me. He's said so to me. And she was just such a greedy beyotch for making his brother pay her a pretty penny. He'll be singing a different tune now, won't he?

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Good to hear that you're doing so well and your family if blossoming!! Smile

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LOL - right after I cut him off, he was booted from his 9th job and was unemployed for more than 4 months. He went back and begged for his old job back with the Sheriff's Office. They were short handed so he's a bad a** cop again...LOL broke and stupid. He had to vacate the house we leased owing the poor owners money. Had to sell his car and get something older. It's not that I spy on him or even ask, we live in the same small town so I hear things.

My best friend jumped all over his butt twice. And he's learned to leave her alone and not mention a word.

BM remarried and was divorced again in 6 months. She moved back to her hometown with this new man and ended up living back at home with her parents. She said she had to divorce this guy because he was a racist atheist. I said well, Nimrod is racist and Godless. He doesn't deny God exists but he claims he's a good Christian man and he's a crappy, sleazy liar. LOL - not much difference if you ask me. hahahaha - haven't heard any more gossip on that front.

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I'm guessing not much has changed with skids..

SD is probably still a barista with sharpie eyebrows, taking pictures of her French fries to post on FB and claiming she's still "finding herself"

OSS is probably getting ready to get booted out of college at any moment for shitty grades/behavior

YSS is probably still just trying to keep his head above water... I'm guessing he got sucked into BM's marriage, move and subsequent divorce and now is stuck living at his grandma's with her?? Poor kid. All of this whilst his father is playing house with his cousin's mother. UGH!

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Ewwwwwww but at this rate, it could happen. She is the love of his life - Groucho Marx brows and all! LOL

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I do know that Eyebrows is STILL painting them on thick. SMH. Last I heard she was also still a barista at a local coffee shop. She had a boyfriend for a month and that didn't work. The new female girl's soccer coach is her new roommate in an apartment. I'm not sure how her dad feels about that because he's a raging homophobe. So I'm sure he's not a fan of this gal. Never know what could come of that. And Eyebrows was going to make ANOTHER album. I hope that McDonald's Big Mac got their Ode to Cheeseburgers that I've Loved Before.... LOL

Well, the US Military has custody of OSS - Poor Navy. We had a betting pool on him surviving basic training. Oddly, he made it. Not sure where he ended up...haven't asked. He was home on leave and came into the little store where my friend worked and I would get coffee. He spoke to my BFF and she spoke back. I wouldn't even look at him. Later, Nimrod texted my BFF and called her on the carpet for not showing his son the proper respect and affection that she should have. She blocked his butt. LOL - of course, we all must worship at the altar of those lame ass kids.

YSS actually stayed with dumb old dad. He has to play football for Nimrod's dear BFF the AD at our high school. BM wanted him down there with her but he stayed here. He and my DS are at different schools this year so that's been nice having the separation. But he does have to endure the Auntie Step Mom mess. This is the former SIL that took a dining chair and broke it over Nimrod's brother's back when she was mad at him for not throwing his napkin (or something) in the trash when she said.

A match made in redneck heaven.

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Sweet Pea! Your happiness just oozes out of your post. I used to literally worry about you for hours at a time- what that lot did to you, how they treated you, it was all so unfair. So glad for your happy life! God bless. Biggrin

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It was a truly AWFUL time for me. I learned soooo much though. In fact, it's why I broke things off quick with this guy I tried to date this summer. He was showing some of the same tendencies and, in some ways, worse. I believe that guy was a bona fide alcoholic.

I learned that I'm better off alone than with ANY disordered asshat. I won't live like that again!

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So glad to hear that you are well. I was thinking about you. We escaped stephell at the same time. I am so glad you are well.

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Once you're out, it's hard to consider diving back into that crap shoot again. I don't know if I have the stomach for it. LOL - I hope you're doing well!

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He lost some friends over his treatment of me. He still has his narcissistic fan club that think everything he does is totally awesome. Including that disgusting move of hooking up with his brother's ex wife. He's so much more disgusting than I even imagined. Just worthless. But the truth came out in the end!

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thanks for the update woman........ but nothing about your love life....

guys stalking you, ones looking like serial killers ?? Nothing... dang are there any guys in your town cause you sound so happy you must be glowing, I picture you in a very classy red dress.....

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I tried dating a guy this summer. It was not good so I walked away. Just stopped talking to him and went silent. I don't have time for crappy people. I'm not even looking for anyone to date. And yes. I've had the random scary serial killer type creeping me out...lmao

Lol being single can be fun. On NYE I had two random new year kisses. One was meh the other was a HELL YES! Hahahaha -

there is a guy at our main office that is adorably sweet. Our coworker's want us to strike something up. I saw him this weekend.

Funny you mention a red dress - it's almost like you know me!! Lmao our company had a formal party and I dolled up in a red dress similar to the one in pretty woman (so I was told about 10 times by folks) and partied the night away at a swanky hotel. It was a blast. I got a nice good night by from the cute guy coworker as our group left his room from the after-after party lol. He stood on his balcony and called another goodnight to me as I walked back to my room. Hahaha.

Being single has been adjustment but it's been fun!

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It was sweet. He's a real gentleman. He sat by me and never tried to get handsy. Gave me that sweet goodnight hug. It was just nice!