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Lazy annoying brat stepdaughter help

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Ok here we go time for a rant first off all let me say I love my wife with all my heart and dont want to lose her. However her lazy daughter is driving me nuts and causing constant arguments problems with my marrriage, its got to the point where I want to not be in the same room as her. My wife is no help and just states she never did anything when she was her age. This does not help in the slightest and only further fuels my anger. The only saving grace is she pays her rent.
I have listed below some of the things that she does that annoy me i have not listed them all because quiet frankly I would be here all night.

Takes food upstairs to her room
does not bring the washing up downstairs until nagged into doing so
Leaves he clothes on the bedroom floor and not in the washing bin (mum clears up after her)
Leaves wet towels on the floor (mum has spoken to her might as well talk to the wall)
Expects everyone else to change their schedule around her to accomadate if she is going out.
Does nothing around the house.
Complains she has no money, but goes out until 06:00 in the morning the weekends smoking and drinking
Expects her mum to pay half her mobile phone bill.
Slobs around the house Saturday and Sunday afternoon when she eventually drags her scanky arse out of bed.
Does not cook for herself
Does not do her own washing
Does not make her own bed
Expects us to buy her personal items deodarant, shampoo, conditioner, sanitery towels etc
Leaves her shoes in the middle of the halway when she comes in after being out all night.
Acts like a 10 year old child when she wants something
Has no consideration for others sleeping.
Bores the shit out of me talking to her mum about her job at the dinner table
Plays video's on her mobile when we are trying to watch the telly.
Slobs around on the sofa at every given opertunity
Leaves rubbish in the living room
Pours a full glass of drink has a third and throws the rest away
Wastes food.
Watches crap on the TV and throws a strop when asked to turn it off.

My 10 year old son does more to help than she does without asking.

I would welcome some advice because if something does not change I will leave !!!!!!!!!!!!


Does not know how to close a door draw or cupboard quietly


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Has no sense of priorities in life quiet happy to float along slobing about
Moans about her job but does nothing to find another one
If she asks for help doing something it means she wants you to do it for her.

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at least she closes the damn cupboard/drawers.

the boys do all of the above (except 'job' and out all night smoking/drinking).
i think it's just pure laziness, but the fault lies with the bio parent not riding their ass, and just handling it themself cuz they dont want to hear crap about it. and i also think, sadly, this has become extremely normal.

i was NOT raised this way, so it's very foreign to me.

exactly how old is she? if she's old enough to have a job and smokes/drinks, why is still living at 'home'?

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Yes, why still living at home? Sounds old enough to mess up her own damn apt. Tell your dw what you told us: you're miserable enough to think about leaving. Tell her it doesn't matter if it's reasonable or not, it's just the way you feel and that should be taken seriously.