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Am I the only one

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who feels like we're living in an episode of The Twilight Zone? I never know from one minute to the next what is going to happen. One second he's in a good mood and all lovey dovey then the next it's Mr. Hyde. God forbid any one say that his precious snookums is less than perfect. I swear there are times I can hear the vacuum seal break when he walks away from her. Their lips are planted so tight to each others butts it creates a vapor lock. I feel like I've been sucked into a badly written soap opera. All the melodrama and angst is giving me an ulcer. I try not to play an active role in all this but there are times it can't be helped. If my life were a movie I would get up, walk out and demand my money back. It's too bad that when we get involved with these out of control parents that we aren't given an instruction manual and a refund of our time and money.


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respect either... for all the crap that we are put through.

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Respect what's that? I thought we were just the evil ones who try and cause problems. I know how Cinderella felt. Only Disney got the story wrong. Cinderella was a step-mother, not the step-daughter!

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Sometimes I speak without thinking and it makes both of them mad but I think it's hilarious. For instance there was an historical moment when H actually told sd NO. Thus insuring a lovely dramatic crying scene with lots of sobbing and wailing, no tears though. I open my mouth and loudly said "For best drama queen the Oscar goes to sd." The water works shut off instantly and she storms off to here room and H proceeds to chew me out. Apparently I hurt her feelings. People I'm sorry but when I see a supposedly grown female acting like a 3 yr old my sarcasm gets the best of me. Now when he says I'm being unfair or hard on sd I say life isn't fair and the world's a pretty tough place to live so grow a pair. I realize some people may think that harsh but I'm sick and tired of all the drama.
The way I see it if sd can't handle it then she needs to get the F out of my way.

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I do that smart mouth stuff to my bf, not the skids...they've got enough probs. BF doesn't like it one bit...maybe cuz I'm quick on the draw, and it takes him a while to have a smart comment.
What you said though makes me think of how things are here. Its like they want to beat(not literally hopefully) that smartmouth out of us so we're more submissive and manageable. I feel like alot of the time bf is fighting with me just to mold me into the kind of woman he wants...submissive, quiet, a doormat. But that's never been me. BF also says that's why he's so crazy about me because I stand up to him, but at the same time it frustrates him that he can't 'break me.' (my word not his)
I completely agree with what you've said in your post and god knows I could have said it myself.
Stay strong girl, cuz this job isn't for the weak!

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I do the same thing too... Smile

In one of my blogs I talked about how Blabb was bragging about how she won a mini game on Mario Party on the wii. I took the opportunity to remind her that she was still in last place. I thought it was funny, but DH was furious. Apparently Blabb is allowed to hurt other people's feelings by bragging and being arrogant... yet when it comes to her feelings, don't you dare hurt them! She's too precious!

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I thank god that my H does not guilt parent! I swear my H p's SD off on purpose sometimes. He hates that BM spoils and believes every last lie that comes out of SDs mouth. He is extremely hard on her becuz of BMs actions.

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spines and balls are in limited supply...
and the demand is high!! Good Luck!

"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one."