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Ding Dong Update .

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This is just a short update on Ding Dong and his summer vacation. He had been threatening me that he was going to keep the girls after his normal visitation time last weekend in order to get his summer time used. I had the backing of the State's Attorney if I needed it as the SA told me he would make sure the girls came back. Well, low and behold Ding Dong actually did the right thing and brought them back on his own. He was even a half hour early!

Now thats not to say he totally behaved himself. Apparently he spent the weekend telling the girls how horrible I am for taking away his vacation for no reason. I just don't want them to be with him at all. I am a mean, mean woman. The girls came back upset because DD wouldn't keep his mouth shut. He in turn thinks they are upset because they couldn't stay with him. Stupid man. The oldest couldn't wait to get home. She has softball camp this week. The youngest could be at either place with no problem. She is going to Bible School this week then both of them have Church camp right around the corner.

So far no court summons. Still expecting it though so we will see what happens this week. Maybe he'll surprise me again.

Oh, and I have the written copy of the threatening voicemail coming now.