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Step drama in the royal family???!!!

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Here comes the bitter(jealous?)half sister of the soon to be new princess seeking out her 15 minutes of fame. :sick:



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I read an article stating that no one in the family talks to her and even her own mother disowned her. Only a Mean jealous greedy cow would try to destroy her sisters happiness for her own gain.

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The half sister should be ashamed of herself.

I think Prince Henry's future wife is a breath of fresh air and simply adorable. You can see how over the moon they both are for one another.

Now about Kate, never cared for her. Waitie Katie was the perfect name for her. IF my opinion mattered and of course it does not, I would have to say her Mom pushed her to chase Prince William down until SHE grew on him..a few times they broke things off.

There is just something about Kates Mother that screams my daughter WILL be married into this family one way or another.

Cant wait until the Royal Wedding in May. She will be stunning and looks like a Princes soon to be bride.

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"And if she wanted her daughter to become Queen of England or the Princess Consort, it is nothing every other mother would not want for her daughter."

I have never meet a mother who wanted her daughter to grow up and become a QUEEN. They all want them to find a man who loves them and treat them like queens. But to actually be one? NOPE

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lol... isn't that the end goal in many fairly tales? Marry the prince and live happily ever after?

On another note, the article mentions the sister indicates the princess to be didn't start ignoring her until she was in a wheelchair...even if it's true Megs ditched her older sister.... could it be because she became a... well... itchy B? Isn't it common for people who become permanently disabled in some way to adopt a crappy general attitude?

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Funerals and weddings - and any other family gatherings seems to bring out the nasty in some people. The sister sounds like a sour cow trading off her association with the bride to be, milking it for money. Moooo...

I am British and I can not be bothered with the royal family. As far as scandals go, this is pretty mild. I am happy Prince Harry found himself a beautiful bride and wish them both lots of love and happiness. People griping over his choice can jump in the lake, including the sister. Meghan appears to be a lovely choice.

The prince should count himself lucky - and Meghan should know that the royal family is more dysfunctional and scandalous than hers.