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What I am really Liking!

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After SDs leave after their EOW weekly visit?

Picking up all the crap left around the living areas and putting it in the attic.
I have one full bag, and next time, I can start another!
In April, it'll all go to donation because have they missed ANYTHING? No.

DP ended up making SD11 lunch for her yesterday. We had agreed SHE needed to do so.
I didn't say one word. It's all on him from this point forward.

They were also late leaving the house again. Why?
DP: "I just wanted them to sleep in more, didn't want to wake them up."
Me: Laughing out loud, "OMG DP, you can wake them up for school without breaking them. They will be FINE. They have to learn how to do so on their own, like NOW. Good luck with that in the near future."

My plan for this weekend? Take down ALL the blinds in SD9's room. They are already mostly trashed. I need to take them down before they are not fixable any longer. She'll have sheets over her windows instead. Done with fixing them.


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If she was on the 2nd floor I'd do that. Unfortunately her room is on ground floor, facing front of house. However - based on this, I will not put a sheet over the upper side window. Thanks!

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Same with me. WE have neighbors but we can't even see each others houses, just yards or a garage. No way anyone would be walking thru the woods in the dark.
Skids have to put blankets or sheets up for some reason.

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I wouldn't spend one bloody cent putting anything over the windows. Sounds like more money down the drain.