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The youth's high level of impressionability/suggestability.  These psychological "experts" will also say out of the other side of their mouth that youngster's brains aren't fully formed until age 25 therefore are not responsible for irrational (and criminal) behavior. 

So is peer pressure and even a youngster who is taught to be racist an illusion?  Per capita, mothers get custody most often (and accompanying financial support from fathers).  Obviously they are going to attack anything that interferes with this system (more overnights with dad = less cash for mom, etc).

Talk about believing the narrative and not your own lying eyes.

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I couldn't even read the whole article, I just got pissed. OF COURSE claims of abuse should be taken seriously at all times and investigated. If the parent is cleared STFU and give that parent not only the time allowed but additional make up time for during the investigation. If it was found that the other parent made false accusations- that parent should have jail time during the make up, period. If the abuse was founded, criminal charges should be brought about immediately and the children removed.  

BM's would lose their shit with me as a judge.

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Oh yeah, I was reading red last night and the last part of the article made it clear that the writer had no clue what they were talking about. Sure, if it's real abuse, absolutely it's bad, but an abusive parent isn't necessarily practicing PAS and the PAS is oftentimes very, very incidious as we all know, and not overt. The thought that kids CAN call the shots is just laughable - they are KIDS - they may have independent minds but that doesn't mean they think like adults and can make adult decisions. And yes, they CAN be influenced by parents FFS, what is normal parenting if not influencing?

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BM's are overwhelmingly the CP. BM's are overwhelmingly the recipients of CS. NCPs are overwhelmingly men who are on the hook to support their X with zero accoutabity from the recipient of the money that the NCP has no choice but to pay.

NCPs are overwhelmingly the target of PAS.  Kids are always the victims.

The article is interesting that it is highlighting what is an extreme rarity. Reverse PAS maniplated by violent abusive NCPs leveraging the courts againsty apparently quality CPs.

PAS is real. I agree with the element of the article that ascribes  to the theory that it is not gender based. It is... individual and it is role based IMHO. Not specifically gender based.This is the direct solution that my Engineeric brain sees.  It has nothing to do with gender other than it is BM's who are overwhelmingly the CP who are positioned most advantagiously to succeed in PASing their kids against the NCP.

That the dumb asses in the idiot Harry Potter robes slinging the FIsher-Price Toddler wooden hammer missed the most important part... FACTS.... is not surprising.  These dipshits ruled with their fee fees, not the facts.