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Another helpless skid story

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SS13 brought down the garbage can from his room to empty it into the kitchen garbage can. It was full already so when he dumped all the contents, it became too full and not everything fit. After spending a minute watching him pick up things off of the floor and try to stuff everything in the can only to have it all fall out again, I said:

Me - Since the bin is full, what might make more sense to do instead of trying to shove everything in to make it fit.
SS13 - *dumb blank stare*
Me - Perhaps taking the garbage out would be a good idea.
SS13 - Yeah but I don't know how to doooooo it *whiny voice*
Me - Take the bag out.
SS13 - I caaaaan't
Me - Take the lid off. Now pull the bag up by the yellow drawstrings.
SS13 - It's too heavy
Me - Use your muscles and pull the bag out. Now tie it up. *watches SS spin the ties around themselves over and over*
SS13 - I don't know how to tie
Me - *mental brain sigh and serious eye twitch* Seriously SS? Do it like this *shows him how to tie*
SS13 - *struggles to do a basic tie and just looks at me*
Me - I am NOT doing this for you. You have to learn how to do things in life.
SS13 - *finally manages to tie it...once*
Me - Now do it again so the bag doesn't come open. *waits* Now take the bag out to the black bin
SS13 - *comes back in and stands with arms open and dumb blank stare*
Me - Get another back and put it in the bin. *has to explain where the bags are, how to tear one off the roll and then how to open it*
SS13 - *struggles to get the bag in because he only extended it half way so the bottom half of the bag is still folded up*
Me - You have to make sure the bag is fully opened before putting it in the bin.
SS13 - But I diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid *whiny voice*
Me - You did not or else you wouldn't be struggling to open it.

This is why I am disengaged. I shouldn't have said anything and won't from now on. I have disengaged completely and have been doing so much better. DH and I don't argue over it anymore and DH has stepped up and started to parent. Apparently not enough to teach his teenage son how to tie but baby steps, right? *eye twitch*


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I did tell DH that he couldn't tie the bag ties and he did look a bit embarrassed...

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Ugh..... you have my sympathy. I too have had an annoying SS weekend, and I'm too tired to even vent about it.

I'll just twich with the rest of you!

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It must be hard for SS to take out the garbage. He struggles with proper toileting. He seems to only be good at video games and masturbation with SM themed porn.

Oh Cooookies, I hope you know I'm trying to make you laugh so you'll stop that twitching.

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o/t aniki - dh gifted me a few blocks of cheese this weekend and hit on one that was AH-MAY-ZING!!!! they have not carried my cambozola for quite a while, so he was thrilled how much i liked one in particular that he bought. it's called Saxon Snowfield. ermagerd it was AWESOME. i didnt even need crackers or anything, just ate it straight up, little by little... you should definitely try it if you ever see it!

ETA - here Smile

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Tuff, I'm feeling love for you!! OMG, the description of the Saxon Snowfield makes me want pasta! Don't look at me in that tone of voice. The description says it has "Parmesan notes". And I'm whimpering that it's nowhere near me. Why does the Chicago area get so bloody much?!

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Biggrin Blum 3 i didnt get any parmesan notes from it, but it's got a certain wang to it that is fantastic!!! yummy goodness. and the little crunch from the crystals is pretty cool too. i didnt know that's what it was!

and dont go by their maps, according to that it's nowhere near me either but dh picked it up at our favorite grocery store. plus you can always order it online!!!

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That cheese looks soooooooooooo delicious!! *drools*