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Chickens coming back to roost sort of aka chicken chit

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Husband gets a call from one of his many nieces, one who has 2 kids that Feral Forger used to baby sit, and would pile affection on regularly while her sister would look on (after having been punched in the arm on the way to some function).

The call was about this cousin getting chewed out major league and ripped a new whatever and she doesnt know why. Something to do with comments made on instagram.

Husband replies "shes sick, and lives in garbage..."

I just laughed. Ok. So, cousin (whom I severely dislike and who ahs been rude to me) has gotten a SMALL taste of what Ive gotten over 10 years time, causing me to block her and be completely no contact.

Im angry now though...

We continued talking, and things rolled around to powersulk. How he feels bad because her life at her mothers is so bad...!

Yeah right. She tells him this to gain sympathy. She also probably tells her mother all kinds of bad about me and our house.

Husband told me that Toxic Troll tells princess "she MUST clean this and she MUST clean that" you mean she doesnt do the eggshell dance? Husband tells me Toxic Troll "doesnt get food that powersulk said she can make for them, and shoots her down every time" you mean powersulk WANTS to cook? Cook for herself?????? Like Ive been trying to have happen????? Husband tells me "well BM tells Powersulk that she is the final word, as the parent, and what she sais goes!!!" I laugh bitterly and say "really, thats the normal parenting have kids help out, not stay in their room the whole time, and yeah, what the parent who pays the bills sais, generally goes". I told him "how many times did I suggest 1 day per week powersulk makes dinner - I buy and clean! NOW she just scrounges leftovers, there is no participation over here, but apparently shes being required to participate and contribute over there. I guess we are the vacation home!" I said that.

Then he shrugs and goes into victim mode..."well I guess I should have spent more time parenting and doing all those things myself..." YEP.

Folks Im just really disgusted. But Im keeping that inside as I am finally having the chance to see the chickens flying back.


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It sounds as if DH is trying to pin the shit show of  his children entirely on TT. Not that TT has not earned it. But.... DH has a highly developed ability to delude himself on all things PS related.

Good on you for keeping his nose scrubbed in his own shit stains on the soiled carpet of  his parenting of his children.

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OPs DH takes absolutely ZERO responsibility for anything in his life. Blames TT for his failed kids while not lifting a finger for the past two decades. His whole family sounds like trash and I have no idea why she still stays. 

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SD25 Feral Forger

SD17 Pwersulk

A$$hole neice

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DH should own this whole thing, but reality is that TT is his 3rd child.  

Even my brother states that he has 4 kids.  My SIL has a heart of gold, but she is so far from a viable adult that my baby bro will never be out of the child raising business.

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Good on you for keeping his nose scrubbed in his own shit stains on the soiled carpet of  his parenting of his children.

OMG the visuals ..... LOL!!!

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He can't understand he's not parenting, his kids. Most likely too late now, there are adults.   And when he doesn't like, or people tell him about his crazy kids.  It's not his fault.   What a way to go through life.  That's why nothing is going to change.  Except these kids are going to fail in life. And someone is going to $ pay for it. 
'DH is going to have to decide if he's going to back the kids and move out.  Or back you, and not see or support $ the kids he's got to get off the fence