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SD17's kind hearted deed

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SD17 has a friend whose aunt does nails for a living and is struggling financially right now, so out of the kindness of SDs heart SD and her friend went over to the woman's house to get their nails done.  OK DH, do you really believe that SD is worried about her friend's aunt or she just wanted to get her nails done?  SD was gone from 830am til almost 2pm, getting her nails done.  Quarantine is over in this house.  DH isn't even trying anymore and neither am I.  It's a losing battle but if I get sick again, I don't want to hear how SD17 is uncomfortable because I'm sick and could get her sick.  Both of the SDs are out and about, giving friends a ride, going to get coffee with friends, and of course making out with the boyfriend when 'sitting in a parking lot' or having friends in the driveway or garage.  I'm done caring.  I'm done caring about so many things.  Knowing that when the COVID crisis is over, I can start looking for work and get out of here makes things easier.  I still have to live with the consequences of their actions while I'm here though.


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No matter what job you get, or what changes after the pandemic is over  I can't imagine you will have peace and happiness until you are no longer living with those skids and skidults. It sounds absolutely horrid.

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I agree. I'd rather work two minimum wage jobs than live in this mess.

Chmmy, you can definitely get a different sort of job with your teaching degree.

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I agree also, there is something out there for me.  Right now I am writing a novel which is more difficult than I thought it would be but I enjoy it and it's a great story.  It takes a lot of research and editing and time and it may not pay anything so it's not a career but it is a fantastic excuse to stay in my room 23 hours a day.  I leave to get food or exercise outside.

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I can completely empathize with the personality disorder.  OSD lies as easy as she breathes. Just this week she sent SO a flurry of texts because YSD yelled at her for ignoring her grandmother's bday. Which is horrible as thier grandmother helped raise them after SO got custody.  Her poorly thought out lie was she didnt have her grandmother's phone number. She is just so painfully selfish.

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Ugh, that is one of the things I've seen SD shrug her shoulders at.  Last Mother's Day, we thought it might be MILs last Mother's Day.  She is only 68 but has a heart condition.  When DH asked SD to please make sure she could join us she said she didn't want to because she had a fight with Aunt T(16 year old girl told her 36 year old aunt off, example of her nerve).  DH said this could be Nana's last Mother's Day and SD shrugged her shoulders.  That hurt DH so much but he still doesn't see her darkness on the inside.  MIL is the one who took in the 4 skids for a year when BM dumped them on the street with less than a week's notice.  She drove them to school, a total of 2 hours of her day was spent driving skids to school so they could stay in their old school district because DH had to work, she did it all.  SD has no gratitude.