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Please dont wake my DH

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DH is sick. His cough sounds painful, bad headaches, not sleeping well. He still got up everyday this week at 430am and went to work. Dont go to work, dont get paid and skids need stuff. Lots of stuff.

SS12 needs shoes and he told DH he cant keep going to Shoe Carnival for $60 shoes. He needs something better. I mean he gets Nike's or whatever...hard f##king life you lead asshole. Im starting to wonder if I hate him more than SD16. SD16 has all but disappeared from our life since DH handed her the keys to his car. She works and goes to school and doesnt need anything from anyone anymore. Back to SS12...DH fell asleep on the couch and SS12 woke him up knowing he is miserably sick. Who the f##k cares SS12 needs to eat. Really? You're 12, and want to shave your balls(another story) but you cant go get something to eat. I wish I could add a pic of DH looking miserable on the couch. F##k BM and her weekends off. She is supposed to have them Friday 530pm til sunday at 8pm. She picks up late bcuz of work so whatev but drops off early every time and only takes them 2 of those weekends per month cuz something always comes up. Hope you are enjoying your life BM without your kids. Someday you will regret it asshole. They are your f'n kids. I cant stand their asses but I take care of them.


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I think I would have to track her lazy ass down.

"DH is very sick and unable to care for this feral kid for the next couple days. And since I'm not his mother her you go." 

And drive away. 

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I just told DH if he doesnt wake up with a better tude in the morning he's going to mamas. DH knows I'll walk out the door. My parents are in florida and have a big empty home with no skids

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But the OP's husband is the custodial parent. As the NCP, BM can opt out or decrease her time whenever she pleases.  It sucks, but that's just the way it is.

Of course, dad being sick and mom being a flake, doesn't mean the OP has to be stuck with their kids.  Dad still has to get it together and parent his kids.


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I so wish my mom still had her big house. It was such a relief to go there and  get away from it all. 

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Im glad im not the only one. DH doesn't like my escape. Apparently i run whenever things get tough. He's jusst jealous!

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I ran. A person who can take a break from hell surely would. He’s jealous he can’t take a break from the hell he created.

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Awe poor DH parenting is full time, gosh!  What even when you are sick?!?  Welcome to every damn actual parents life, he will survive...we all do. 

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He is the only parent 24/7. There is no reason a 12 yr old shouldn't kno better than to wake a sick person.

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Well that's DH fault.  When you don't teach the little snowflakes about respect, manners, compassion, independence and accountability - they don't give a fig about you being sick.  They don't give a fig about anyone but themselves.  Hope he's enjoying the product of his (lack of) parenting.

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Plenty of us were the only parents 24/7.  When you are the CP, you don't get to push the pause button just because you're sick.  You can not force the NCP to exercise their custodial time.

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No sick time from work? That sucks the most. Can't believe there are jobs that don't give sick time (though I know they are out there).

DH has created these monsters who feel they can demand better shoes and wake up sick people and take off with cars never to be seen again. Now he's reaping what's he sown.

Yes, a 12 year old should be able to make himself food.  I'm guessing if DH knocked him into next week for waking him up when he's sick, he'd go figure out how to make himself a sandwich, but I bet DH got up and made him food, right?

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How did you know DH made food? DH wanted to have dinner with me. I bought a $20 piece of fish for us for Friday night which I usually dont splurge like that. I told him I could freeze it and wait til he feels better but he wanted us to have it so while I was cooking fish & broccoli he got up to cook pasta for the boy. He wasnt sleeping for the night but it the point why wake someone like that?

I honestly dont care that much that DH got disturbed. I get disturbed by these obnoxious little brats all the time. Yes he deserves it. He stuck his dick in that woman a few too many times in my opinion knowing she was a shitty mother & wife.

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Based on your past blogs, I figured he got up to cook for the kid.

I can't blame BM here, he's the one being the permissive and coddling parent NOW. He has them 90% of the time - he had a chance to make them into functional human beings, but instead, he's creating entitled narcissists.

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Very true but it's better than what BM was creating. Im disappearing today and he is doing something productive with the kids.

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The King Soopers/Kroger grocery employees (UFCW Local 7) in our area just voted to strike and one of reasons is the company won't offer paid sick leave unless an employee has been there 10 years! So sick employees are forced to come to work and handle food.

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Oh wow. Ya I've seen plenty of sick people in restaurants and grocery stores.

DHs union does not require sick pay but often his boss pays him because his boss loves him. We had the flu in Dec/Jan and he missed a few days or took half days and his boss paid him. This is just a bad cold but it would be nice to say home when you're miserable