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$$$ is all a Lawyer sees when we walk in the door!

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Doesn't matter that I've spent 9yrs getting the crap kicked outta me by asshole X. Doesn't matter that I have three small children from those 9yrs that asshole X doesn't see OR support. It also doesn't matter that I have a degree I can't use because of asshole X. All these lawyers see when a woman walks thru the door is dollar signs. How much they can take you for. Not, how they can HELP you, how you can help their bank account!

In true lawyerly fashion yesterday, the man stood over me, and dictated what would "need" to be done. Not caring whatsoever what was actually in the "best interest" of MY kids, like he's known me, my kids, and asshole X forever. News flash "I just walked thru your door buddy, you know NOTHING of me, my life, or WHAT I've BEEN THRU" so don't ASSume you do!

I just want the man who damaged me, my kids, and my earning potential, OUT OF OUR LIVES in every way! He won't call them, won't pay for them, but, made damn sure *I* can't either.

I sat there fake smile on my face till he was through with his parenting lecture, then got up and walked out. What an ass. Next time, if there IS a next time, at least I'll be prepared for what's coming. These assholes are all the same. I should've seen this coming. Stupid me.


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How could he damage your earning potential? Sorry, I know most lawyers are idiots. We have never spent money on one after hearing about so many stories of lawyers taking thousands and never getting anything done. It is truly pathetic.

Now, as far as wanted that man out of your lives, I don't know your circumstances, but it seems that for every one person here who wants the ex out of their lives, there is another complaining because the ex is NOT out of their lives. If you say that he does nothing for them, then why are you paying a lawyer to get him out of your life?

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He never wanted me to work while we were together. And made darn sure I didn't keep a job if I got one. I went to school for medical assisting anyway. Graduated with honors, I wanted to go back for my R.N. So I busted my butt to do well.
His abuse kicked up a notch while I was in school. To the point I'm now physically disabled because of it. In order to work in the medical setting you have to be capable of lifting and moving patients. I cannot, because of him. I also cannot sit or stand for long periods of time. Also, the medications I take for the pain are pretty serious, so passing a drug screen is impossible. Thus, he has damaged my earning potential.

I hate the fact that he can work, pay his bills, LIVE HIS LIFE, while I'm basically an invalid, because he wanted to control and dominate every aspect of my life! He has moved on, married someone else, and I'm sure will make her life the hell he made mine.
He has not in three years sent one red cent to help with his kids, not one phone call for xmas or bdays for his kids. He has basically fallen off the planet as far as I'm concerned. He is contacting my kids on fb, trying to convince my dd10 everything was and is MY fault. He can't call because I won't let him! He has my number (that I gave him) to call whenever he likes. I've given him our address more times than I can count, and the last time he saw the kids fdh and I drove the 8 hours to drop them off, stayed in town, picked them up, then drove the 8 hours back home. With not a thank you, to be heard from him. He is doing whatever he can to turn my kids against me, make me look like the bad guy, and make himself look innocent in all of this. They witnessed 98% of his abuse. They are neither dumb, nor blind.

So, yes, I want his name removed as MY kids father on their bc's, I want his name off my son so I don't have to ever repeat it again. I would like to erase every memory of this man from my and my kids lives permanently. Unfortunately, every morning, for the rest of my life, when I have to take a pill before I can struggle out of bed like an old woman (I'm 35) I'm reminded of him, of what he did to me, of what I so stupidly put up with for so long. My scars are internal, you would never know if you passed me on the street, what I've had to endure. But it doesn't make my scars any less real.

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Haha, not much better when a man walks through the door either--all they see is "need help = $$". Our lawyer said in order for him to change direction (which wasn't actually a change in direction but do what we had been asking from the beginning) he would need the remaining balance and then some.

Wanted to kick his greedy little butt.

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NoSteppingStone, iv have tried for three years to MAKE this man be a father. To take responsibility for his children. I've come to the conclusion, you can't MAKE a man like him DO anything. They send him letters, they come back addressee unknown (he lives w/mommy) I've tried going thru the state He lives in, nothing. He wants nothing to do with the kids, other than to turn them against me and fdh. He can't control me any longer. So he's trying his best to get the kids to control me.

Fdh is their "father" he pays for everything they need, and some wants. He takes care of them when they're sick. Goes to dr's appts, parent/teacher conferences, everything a loving, normal "father" would do. He would like to adopt them, and I would love nothing more than for him to do that. But, for that to happen, X has to be removed from the picture, on paper. He's already gone in every other way.