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Weird cravings O/T: Silly blog

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I woke up in the middle of the night craving pickle flavored mashed potatoes and mustard with a side of extra salty pretzels. I silently cried when DH refused me and asked me to go back to bed. Can you believe this fool would not get up to cook for his pregnant wife! Blum 3 . So I got up and made mash potatoes drenched in pickle juice and opened a pack of pretzels and crushed them on top. We didn't have mustard but I was fine with that. I put the spoon in my mouth. It was freaking AMAZING. After that I had a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream sprinkled with hot potato chips. I know not the most healthy midnight snack but sweet heavens it was good my mouth is watering right now lmbo.

Please share any weird cravings you had during pregnancy or in general. Maybe I'll get the taste for something new and not feel alone.


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I never really had any weird cravings when I was pregnant, just tons of veggies- carrots, cucumbers, peppers etc. A friend of mine craved dirt. Literally she wanted to eat dirt. I asked the doctor about it because I sort of didn't believe her and the doctor said that it's actually very common. Chances are at some point in her life my friend swallowed dirt. Her body likely needed iron or some other mineral and due to cellular memory was able to convince her that she wanted to eat dirt in order to receive the nutrients the body needed. My doctor advised me to just listen to the cravings and if they were weird try and figure out what your body needs.

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Not while I was pregnant. But right after I had BS they (at the hospital) gave me a "birthday cake" and I ate it because I was starving. Prior to giving birth to BS I never ate cake. Now I LOVE it!

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That's weird--because prior to BD I never ate cake or any sort of sweet pastries like pie either and now I like a slice after dinner. Total 180.

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LOL Noodles, potatoes, and pickles...I wonder if that's why DS doesn't like pasta or mashed potatoes

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I'm NOT pregnant but my taste buds seem to think I am...I made a large batch of chili yesterday and wasn't in the mood to doctor it up with the usual sour cream, shredded cheese, and crackers. I of all things was craving peanut butter. So I had a small bowl of chili and added 2 tablespoons of peanut butter which was a bit much but it turned out creamy and mild. Mr. Starla granted me permission to add half a teaspoon of peanut butter to the next batch of chili I make, lol don't be fooled by how gross it sounds til you give it a try. Blum 3

Nice invention for a midnight snack, never heard that one before and am glad it hit the spot for you. Wink

I used to crave raw mac noodles and put some in a piece of bread and added mustard to it. Glad them days are over, I find that one gross now.

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With BS12 all I wanted was cool ranch Fritos and hot fries. With the twins all I wanted was fresh fruit and water. It's funny b/c those are the things they like now.

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Currently, anytype of fruit, carrots, sweet potatoes, avocados
, bean burritos, cheese tell the truth any thing Mexican. Today I really want black eyed pea soup. I guess I'm all over the board.

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Cup ramen, watermelon, strawberry ice cream with green olives, and I ate a f***ton of peaches. I was surprised I didn't give birth to either a peach or watermelon. Had it every single day during the last trimester.

During the last two months when my heartburn was the worst, I had coconut water with every meal (stopped the heartburn since coconut water is a natural antacid... and tums wasn't working.)

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I craved spaghetti with Ragu sauce. My poor husband...I must have made it 50 times in my second and third trimester.

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I was sooooo sick, the smell of WATER would make me puke with both of my pregnancies. But with the first one, I actually craved fresh watermelon and strawberries, which was tough to find January - March in a very northern state.

And Mt Dew... or a chocolate malt.

Nothing stayed with me for more than about 15 min, then I was throwing it all up. But it was good going down.

I ended up losing 40 lbs during my pregnancy due to hyperemesis gravidarum, and was hospitalized 3 times. But my OB doc, a real earthy hippie sort of woman, kept reassuring me that babies are effective, efficient parasites and will take what they need. And at the point I was with losing weight, she told me to eat whatever sounded good.

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For me it was fruit and graham crackers with both kids. Nothing weird. DH used to get me mint chocolate chip ice cream because I one time said it sounded good and he must have thought it was a craving, of the kind you see on TV shows, so he was dead set to satisfy it. I do like that type of ice cream, but only once in a while.

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Granted no pregnancy has...come to term..But during the three I had the cravings were consistant.

Lucky charms with whole milk, Spicy Hot V8, pickled okra and disgusting amounts of salad and pasta with ragu.