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I can't wait for our day in court. I can't wait to see BM and GBM's faces when this little game comes crashing down.

DH called BM today to set up his weekend.
BM: So when do you want to pick her up?
DH: Thursday, I'll drop her back off to you on Sunday. If you guys want to do every other weekend, I want the whole weekend.
BM: No. Thursday doesn't work.
DH: Fine, I'll pick her up Friday then.
BM: No. Friday doesn't work either.
DH: Why not?!
BM: My mom wants to talk to you on Saturday.
DH: How does that prevent me from picking her up earlier.
BM: Do you want her or not?
DH: Yes.
BM: Fine, you can have her from 11 on Saturday until Sunday.

Grrr..... It would really kill these people to actually do what is best for SD and not what hurts DH most. I honestly can't wait for this to be over. I can't wait until we have the option to treat them like they treated us and instead treat them as kindly as possible.

We want to be good custodial parents. We want to do what is best for SD... I think we're going to need a lot of help...


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Phone calls for legitimate emergencies ONLY, text or email for everything else. That will help massively! At this stage she can go into court crying about how your DH swears at her over the phone etc, your DH has no proof that she is lying! Last week our BM got everything she wanted based on her FEEEEELING unsafe because she is a really good actress and bullshitting liar! So.. be smart and document Smile

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You can also check the laws in your state to see if it is legal to record a conversation without the other person knowing. If its legal in your state you can download an app directly to your phone or just use a digital recorder on speaker. However you do it, email, text, or recording, you MUST have documentation otherwise it's just his word against hers.

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BM refuses to use email or text. We're documenting what was said and that she refuses to communicate by email or text.

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Have your DH look into how to have it added to new CO that communication has to be text email or OFW.

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That's because the bitch knows it can be shown in court. BM tried doing that in our case too - until DH refused to take her calls, refused to return her voice messages and ultimately, forced her to communicate in writing.

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Until there is a court order (In which we will more than likely win full custody since BM is loony toons) we have to play the psycho's game by the psycho's rules. Trust me, no one hates it more than me.

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Glad to hear that! That little girl totally needs to be in your guys care FT. Actually, it's probably a good thing she's still be a crazy loon, it only strengthens your DH's case Smile