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Step daughters and In-laws use grandchildren as weapons.

My husband and I have been together for 6 years, we have been married for 3. We were both previously married; He was married for 32 years and I was married for 22 years. He has two daughters.

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a song dedicated to many of our husbands

you will love the repeated, "no balls at all."

sing along with me!

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I STILL didn't kill that woman!

Even while SD27 is in sunny California on a free ticket from her now-dead aunt, she is raging.

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I did not kill that woman.

My husband's very old, very ill aunt died today. She'd spent much of the year in the hospital and said she was ready to stop fighting.

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SS And A New Truck

My SS has always had plenty. He is 25 and has never made a payment on anything. SS is married with his own family. SS grandparents left him a big life insurance that he got when he turned 21.

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SD 27 constant selfies on FB

What us wrong with people constantly posting in close pictures of their faces on Facebook. My SD thinks she's the cats meow,it's a new one every other day, posing and pouting to the camera.

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How I'm handling holiday gift for SD

I decided to quietly disengage all this year from anything actively involving SD.

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SS36 Did Not Get A Grievance Discount...OMG!

If you read my past blogs, MIL passed away. I was traveling up north to care for my mother who was having knee surgery. DH told SS36 not come as he lives in California.

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Locked in the bedroom

As soon as my fiance's oldest son shows up, I just immediately grab my laptop and retreat to the bedroom. There is no hi or hellos (from either me or him).

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DH Is Very Grumpy Every Time Twit Calls

Well, first thing we did after DH's last encounter with Twit, the one where she told him that I owe her an apology, is change our cell phone numbers.