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This was the pretty picture in my head

I tried to make this reality for so many years. It's really like a death, letting go of this. Every day gets easier, though.

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Have you ever apologized for things you didnt do?

I use to apologize to my adult sk's in the past . They use to say I told all kind of lies on them and say I did this and that towards them.

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Carolyn Hax: Is bride right to insist that dad and stepdad walk her down the aisle?

It's a good problem to have!

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Stepson the thief

So my disgusting stepson who stole $4500 from his father while he was in the hospital is now on a one-week extravaganza vacation with his boyfriend. Posting pictures of it all over Facebook.

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How to drop the hint about SD19 moving out?

Did anyone tackle this? SD19 showing no signs of travelling or looking to rent out of the home or go to college on exchange somewhere else for example.

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As you said....he wants to back again!!! (Broke up with my fiance over clingy adult FSD - Part II)

Please check my previous topic "Broke up with my fiance over clingy adult FSD.

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Which option is the healthiest overall?

First off, hello. I'm new to the forum Smiling

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Today is National Step Family Day

National Step Family Day. I had never even heard of it until today while I was on another members blog & this is the 17th year. "" has lots of info.

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I just can't like my step-daughter!!!

I am a divorced mother of 3 girls. 7,3,and 1. They are very smart and caring. They follow directions well and rarely fight. Then comes my perfect boyfriend.

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SD34's Christmas List

My DH went to his daughter's house to fix her plumbing last week and he comes back with a long list of Christmas presents she wants from him.

At the top of her list was perfume Barf!