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Another fight with DH over SS24

So before SS24 came over to give DH money for his share of car insurance and towards his student loan, I asked DH to check with SS to see how he is doing getting his own insurance.

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SO won't go visit ss&sd w/o me!

SO just said let's go visit SD& SgB &SS, i said no i can't as I have other commitments to my kids that weekend.
He said ok well I will wait until you are available!

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Oh princess has invited "us" to dinner tomorrow night....

I soooo don't want to go.... But it will start a war if I don't.

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Downton Abbey SM

Downton Abbey, which takes place about 100 years ago, is probably my favorite program. Earlier in the season, one of the characters, an older lady, was proposed to.

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Today is evil sd30 I remind DH??

Today is my evil sd30 birthday......that my husband forgot last year and literally cried for two weeks after realizing he forgot his precious baby princess girls birthday......please note this girl do

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Found Christmas card

Found a card my SD28 gave to DH for Christmas. Not even a Christmas card, just a generic card she wrote in. It was laying on our garage floor for some reason.

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How do I deal with a soon to be adult step son that isn't accepting of me?

I am engaged to my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years. We are getting married in a couple of months. He has 2 grown sons. One of which has never been accepting of me.

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End of March can't come soon enough

Just waiting for the end of March when skid is suppose to move out. I wonder if it is really going to happen.

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Facebook (again) and Mini wife.... Blech!

Mini wife has left baby Daddy, so now she's "allowed" to have her very own FB account and instantly sent requests to Daddeee and myself...

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Thought I was losing my mind...

I've been married to DH for 3 1/2 years. Dated for a year before that. Bio mom passed away more than 20 years ago. OSD made it clear she didn't want me around from the beginning.