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Called out in laws on horrible funeral behavior

So I called out the in laws on their horrible behavior at the funeral telling me I wasn't family because I wasn't blood (not the first time) and leaving me out of the family list.

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Just found out that the Father of the Groom was asked to leave the room

I guess I can't deal as well with as I thought.

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How to talk to SS and new SDIL about what we experienced at their wedding?

We want the truth about why we were not invited to wedding until last minute. We want to know why SM's name not on Wedding Program.

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Anyone else skipping adult skid xmas?

So yesterday the topic of xmas came up with DH and he said that he talked to SD and she said she thinks she can be polite and cordial if I go with DH to visit at xmas.

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Parental Alienation! The things BM's do to poison their children

I read a post someone had about ss not calling dh for fathers day or birthday and it sent my mind back to some of the things we endured.

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Listed as guests at SS's wedding

I thought we'd gotten past all this garbage. We've gone out of our way to be a part of SS's life. Even paid for rehearsal dinner even though we were told about everything months after everyone else.

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daughter's wedding

This isn't a vent, but more of just a sadness of how it is in second marriages with stepkids and ex's, etc...My DD29 got married on Saturday and I remember reading a post on here regarding how stepmot

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What to do when an adult skid drives on a suspended driving license?

this is a chronic situation... not going on just for a few weeks but for years and now drives with children in the car too

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We are moving back...

It has been quite a while since I posted...but to update...

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Never counted as "family" but a good Skid day

We've had a double whammy. My mother in law passed away suddenly on the 2nd. She was only 65. She was in another state and we had to have her cremated and brought home.