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Maybe it's my lack of response, or maybe her self-reflecting

So on Sunday it started with DH's daughter behaving in the usual way. DH and I arrive for the birthday lunch and she opens the door with a scowl on her face

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Ding Ding

My daughter 9 and her step mom are having some problems which I feel is understandable and part of life.

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SS driving me crazy

I have been reading this site for a few weeks now since my SS moved in and he is driving me crazy.

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I Knew DH Would Eventually Spill the Beans about his Conversation with Twit

And he did. Seems she called to see if we changed our minds about her dinner offer....she was having "Thanksgiving Dinner" just for us at 1:00 p.m. that day!

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A glass of wine helps the bullshit go down

DH met SS20 in town I haven't seen him for over a year - lucky me.

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Tis the season to STOP buying gifts for adult SKIDS and adult BKIDS

YOU ALL HAVE TO STOP spoiling these young adults with gifts just because they expect it. Christmas isn't about gifts and what you can get or what you spend.

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Getting slapped with reality - SD will always be "first choice"

I tried posting this earlier but it got lost in the ether somewhere. I'll try and keep it simple this time, because I'm too depressed to write the same thing all over again.

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Just got news we won't be seeing SS or SGD for Christmas

See it never stops. We have only been in SS's life for the last 8 years thanks to our SGD's BM. As long as SS's BM lived farther away than us, we got to see the SGD.

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New Attempts

So dh is now calling his estranged daughters, for about a month, he has called both of them about once a week. They chat for at least 30 minutes, all about themselves.

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Martial Assets VS Gifts-Adult Skids

I found this blog listed below very interesting. OP is talking of DH buying SS25 new FORD F-250. OMG! You are talking $$$. OP states that DH is wealthy. What is wealthy in your mind?