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Help biting my tongue & dealing with guilt

I cannot stand my three adult skids, and the guilt & resentment is driving me nuts. My hubby & I have been together 3 years.

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Fiance has an adult step daughter from a previous marriage. She has had no contact with him in the three years we have been together. Should she have been included in his Mom's obit as a grandchild?

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my skids argued with their terminally ill father!

My husband was diagnosed terminally I'll a month ago. He has 4 kids. Oldest one finally called after 2 weeks, a few days ago, sent a text asking for money! #2 and #3 came to visit.

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YSD28 called DH

Within seconds of plastering her engagement on FB she called DH to tell him her bf proposed. This is a first!!! She never called to tell him anything before.

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More money please or thank you

And it is happening again...over a month before SD21 birthday and she informs him how much money she wants for her birthday so he can pay part of her bills now that she up and walked out on her job of

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Fiance's Mom passed last night... let the games begin!

She was a precious soul, but she passed on last night...

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Does DH think that skids will care for him in his old age?

This topic came up for DH and I this weekend.

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SD21 being controlled by BM

SD21 is a high performance athlete, and she is also very gluten intolerant, and has been told she has colitis.

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BFs 21 daughter is selfish and manipulative/how do I not let it bother me?!

I have been with my BF for 7 years. 4 years ago, we moved in together; we are not married. I have 2 sons with my ex.