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progress comes in baby steps, very small baby steps

Sometimes DH gets it sometimes or it seems. The other evening DH went over to his son’s place to help him move some things in.

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SS21 HIV Diagnosis

After many years of playing Russian Roulette with his health via IV drug use and extremely risky sexual behavior, the odds have finally caught up with SS21....he has been diagnosed as HIV positive.

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Man Child problems

ss30 came over the other day to whine to DH about how he is 30 and can't find a decent paying job.

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Holding my tongue.....some days it's difficult....what do you think?

I swear my skids get more dysfunctional with age! As you know I am working at keeping my SD55 out of my life, completely!

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Was I out of place?

My SD22 posted a status on FB bashing my DH basically stating he has *never* called her, done anything for her and came to 1 parent teacher conference, than asked why should she be expected to call hi

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Begging for money

In 3 almost months we have only seen SD20 3 times... and 2 of those times were for less than 5 minutes...she didn't even turn off the vehicle. And now she is asking for money to buy a vehicle...

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Tried to help a new blended family

I am in a terrific position of knowing a family that just blended. The adult stepchildren were/are against it. The ex-wife was/is against it. The daggers are being thrown.

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Cross Your Fingers for Me

Made an offer on a house before we left yesterday.

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My BD makes me proud in the face of SD's B.S.

My daughter (age 26) just called me to tell me she decided that she will send an invitation to her wedding to estranged SD (age 21). I am so proud of her.

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Ever want to divorce your spouse and start over?

Ever want to just say *&^% it, I'm outta here!!! You can have your nasty child and her nasty ways all to yourself and just leave?