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Well, I've been on & off here for over 11 months now.

I keep thinking it will change or get better & try talking to friends, but they don't get it.

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Anyone move to get away from skids..if so has it turned out for u

At this point I'm looking to move and get away from skids and dhs family.

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They are blind

Ok at the risk of giving too much info......I will proceed. Dh's daughter is studying abroad in Middle East.......NOT Israel.

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Step-Daughters wedding

My Step-Daughter is getting married in Mexico next winter. Our relationship has been difficult and she did not attend her fathers and my wedding.

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SD invited herself for Easter weekend...

Last night SO asked me what we're doing Easter weekend, I said "not much, doing the usual Easter stuff with the kids plus we have a TON of yard work to do".

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Off Topic: 20yo Daughter Searching For Her Father

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! It is finally warm and sunny where I live.

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Survey says.....

What do you want from your grown stepchildren? If you are estranged from them, what would they need to do to come back?

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Disgusting behavior from DH's daughter once again

In DH's family, their tradition has always been that a family birthday dinner is held when it's someone's birthday.

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Wondering about this too...

Here is another question about boundaries

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second GC due, interfering in-laws

Only posted once 3 years ago. So many helpful, caring posts. Really helped me move on. Wanted to update my info.