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I have 22 and 25 SS living at home with my husband and I.

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Slight ray of hope?

This is an update to DH's congratulatory phone call to daughter on a college graduation to which he was pointedly NOT invited.

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update promiscous step-daughter to be

After all your valuable comments I was a bit confused if I should talk to her, or not, or ignore her or what.Only one thing was sure- I should have had the video camera ready when she exposed her butt

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Upcoming Stepdaughter Wedding

So I married my husband more than 20 years ago. Our daughter was 4. We had custody all the while. She lived with us until she was a sophomore in high school. Fast forward till now.

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Good laugh

So I looked at DH's ex on LinkedIn. I think her place as a narcissist is firmly in place after I read her profile on LinkedIn. Dh and I had a good laugh!

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Worried about finances

I'm taking stock of my situation, trying to figure short-term and long-term steps I need to take.

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SD has started being rude and nasty again

SD36 has again been rude, inconsiderate, dishonest, disrespectful, same old same.

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Promiscous step daughter in law! Help

I can't believe I am back here after a loooong break of a few years .I left this forum shortly after I broke up with my ex who was a disney dad with a mini wife, lol.

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Is it hopeless?

Every time I read through these threads and hear other people's stories (which are often very similar to mine, particularly about the spineless spouse who's at their kids' feet), there's a voice in my

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He called her

So dh was not invited to his daughter's college graduation a week ago, even though he paid 60 k of it.