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Stepmothers Stand NO Chance

Found this and wanted to share:

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Question about attitude

Has anyone else experienced this...whenever my husband has any contact with his 20 year old daughter he has a crumby attitude to me for about 24 hours? I can't figure it out, but it is predictable.

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Soon to be SD22 has tantrums

Hi, I'm new here. I am so glad to find your forum! Finally, someone to talk to! Okay, here's my issue.

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Bill hudson

So the man has disowned his two grown children with Goldie Hawn. Precipitated by a nasty tweet done on Father's Day. (Hey, at least he did get some recognition, unlike my dh).

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Late fathers day present

My laugh of the day last Tuesday. Last weekend, I go camping with our BD 11 and get a text from my wife that the SS20 kitten is at the house just for a few hours. My spidey senses are tingly.

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Gskid birthday approaching

My SO never hears from his daughter. However, his gskid's birthday is quickly approaching and he received the most sappy, goo-goo, ga ga, reminder of that. Blech.

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Need some advice

Hi, I'm new and was hoping to get some unbiased views about my current situation.

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Updating on mom's health

My husband has been divorced for 20+ years. We've been married 19 yrs. He had twin daughters, 39 yrs old. In only the last 8-9 years have they been in regular contact with their dad.

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OT - have to brag

So super-proud of my son. He's landed a great job. Got a two year tech degree and is working in his field at 19 years of age and starting pay is great.

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Cyber House Hunting - Starting to Look at Gated Communities after hearing from Twit this morning

Yep, Twit called and DH listened to the message. Oh, she is just soooo sorry that she didn't send him a card.