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i have come to a conclusion

i have finally come to a conclusion. my marriage is dead. dh in all of his obsession with the skids has slowly allowed the relationship to die.

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SS35 Future Visit.

Here is my issue with SS35 future visit. I will due my best to make it short.

A) I can not stand him or his wife. They are both adult candy ass me people.

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A real update on SS24 and Auto Insurance

So, DH picked up wittle SS24 (6'4”, 200 pounds) and took him by his wittle hand to the Insurance Agent to get his own damn insurance so he can be off of ours because he won't do it on his own.

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Spending time with BM

Yesterday my husband emailed me to tell me that his 21 year old daughter and her boyfriend want us, his parents and her bio-mom to go boating with them on their 2nd anniversary in July and that someth

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Overreacting? Or just being difficult

So if anyone recalls SO wouldnt go visit his adult kids w/o me wanted to wait until I was available.

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Disengaging from father's wife... how to get him to accept it?

Hi all... new to the forum.

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Question to the retired step talkers re future planning

Friends, I have no bios, no siblings and no family that I am close to. DH has three sons to whom I feel in no way connected. I worry about what would happen if DH dies before I do.

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Oh the drama...Princess broke up with bf

Well, the baby is only 8 months old and the fighting and drama got to the point that they finally broke up. Everyone is now in "rescue" mode (Oh, POOR PRINCESS...a SINGLE MOTHER!!!).

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Residual effects

I watched an interview with Melinda Gates the other day. In it, she said every person who has succeeded in life has had someone behind them who believed in them.

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More of the same re SS24 and auto insurance

So SS24 is on our car insurance. DH gave him his old truck which needs to be signed over to SS24 but SS24 needs to have his own insurance before DH can sign the title over to him.