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what is going on? part 2

This week end should prove to be an interesting turn of events. I posted a few days ago ( what is going on?) Dh's daughter, her babydaddy, and twins would be visiting.

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I expect to hear a collective don't do it

I am engaged to a wonderful man with a failure to launch 22-year-old son. I told him I am not willing to have his son move in to a new house we will be buying and do nothing.

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Need advice on adult stepdaughter living at home

My stepdaughter is in her early 20's. She has had a history of some pretty hard drug use, been through 3 stints of rehab. She was away at one for a year.

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Golden Eggs are gracing us with their presence!!!

DH found out last night that 2 out of state golden eggs (SS38 and SD29) have been in town since Friday (3 days ago) and neither one of them have called DH to say “hey Dad we’re in town” or graced us w

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The Mooch

This may be the ONE thing where DH can make me a bit nuts.

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I would like to share this with all of you

An old friend I have not seen you about six years sent this to me and I would like to share it. Funny thing is he don't even know of my adult skid issues.

Just to Brighten your day ......

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bio daughter and stepson sleeping together


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What is going on?

This coming week end should prove to be interesting. DH's daughters and I have no contact.

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I have turned into a B**ch.

So husband's daughter called from jail today. He was talking to her when I came in. Not sure what was said and I don't really give a crap. Just hearing any of his kid's name make's my stomach turn.

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Just a vent so no one dies here today..

First off I'd just like to say thank you to everyone giving advice and support. I truly feel I can make it through every other week with skids because I'm able to vent here. So thank you!