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Today took the biscuit

I am so tired and feeling so down having gone through major argument that I did not see coming. Over the years with adult skids had some difficult times but never had a row.

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No I won't watch SGD while SS spends night with BD!!!!

So everyone is ignoring me when I say it's inappropriate for married SS to spend the night with BD. DH said he had a talk with SS and him and SD in law are fine now and she does care.

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What to think??

Ok, I had to peek at SD Facebook page. You know the one who spent past year in Middle East? I see she was in her glory hanging out with various guys there...all seem to be young professionals.

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BD and SS getting to close?

My oldest daughter is a college student and just moved back into her own apartment on campus for the year. She is 19 and SS is 26.

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YSD27 just announced....

She's coming here to visit with her fiance this weekend. Hmmmmm, less than a month ago she brought up how she plans to use her "wedding money".

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Open communication with DH or not?

DH and I are lucky to have found a good sensible counsellor. Think we may not have made it through some of the rougher patches with SD18 without one.

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SGD sees her place as more important than mine!

I have recently been forced to realise that, my early teens SGD, has learned to consider her place in her GF's life as infinitely more important than mine!

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How many step parents give up?

I wonder how many step parents dealing with difficult skids just can't cope and give up? I've been with my DH for more than 2 decades, but things don't get any less difficult!

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Nose out of joint

Hi there my bf and I are in our forties, we have been living together for 2 years. I have 3 children 14,10,7 he has 2 children 17,21 and a grandson 1yrold.

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Possessive SGD

My SGD is a young teen and I have been in her life since birth.