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Borderline Personality Disorder

Why is it that they (the exes) are crazy and yet, I am the one feeling like I am nuts because I see where their behavior makes it seem like I could have this disorder.....

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As suspected the drama is coming

As we all have stated, the SS is coming this weekend and his plan is to make waves, tidal waves most likely. SS1 posted on FB he can't wait till the weekend gets here.

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Adult SD #2 can't speak for herself. Mommy steps in again.

My SD28 was complaining to her mom about the fact that my DH went for a walk with her sister a couple weeks ago and not her.

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When Does it Stop?

Just a question. I have three grown children, two of which are married. DH has three grown children also, one is living with her boyfriend.

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Wish we Had a meet up

I wish we had like a club meet up so we could all get together and have coffee or a drink and just have fun times..

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Another vent

Dh continues to call one of his daughters. The same one who did not invite him to her college graduation, yet she was happy to tell him WHO she DID invite.

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Almost pity my SO

My SO's kids are all older than my son (who is twenty). Everyone in our area pretty much knows what his kids are like (drugs, rehab, his daughter got knocked up, his ex is an alcoholic, etc., etc.).

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Advice on dealing with SD.

I need advice on how to handle this. My SD 24 & I have been getting along pretty well the last couple of years until recently.

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New and NEED to VENT...

Sticking out tongue Little back ground, which could take a year to type LOL, so I will condense to a summary.

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Why is it that it always seems to be the husband's children that cause trouble?

Why is it that it always seems to be the husband's children that cause trouble? WHen my husband and I married, we both had children. His were a son, age 20 and a daughter, age 18.