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skids wont allow widow to date..

strange things happen.. I gave up on ever finding true love, at 60 years I posted in the past, I gave up in all honesty..

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SS cut me out of family

Another request for advice on my situation.

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Rejection Brings Relief

DH spoke with OSD, who has been in contact with MSD about where she will be living. According to OSD, it is extremely unlikely that MSD would ever live in our state. MSD is going to St.

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Need Advice - Please?

My SD has lived with her father and I since she was 4. Her Bio mother has major psychological issues. Borderline personality, alcoholism, bipolor.

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You know I am really peeved with my Husband right now...

I shouldn't be as he had knee replacement surgery this week and is still in the hospital.

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I am a newbie to this site. LOVE IT! Wish I had had the advise 20 years ago. DH & I were discussing bills just now and he said he would put some more $$ in my account.

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The only place I can vent

So you guys know that my husband was pretty sick, underwent a liver transplant almost 2 years ago. It was horrible for both of us.

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Adult SS moved back in

My 22 SS recently moved back in after roommate issues. My DH and I agreed a long time ago that as long as he was in college, he could live here rent free.

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SS30 is at it again

Poor MIL had to go to the hospital early Easter morning. This woman is elderly, worked hard all her life, overdid it in her garden and had to be hospitalized.

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Called Skids out on their crappyness.

So all the steps were over yesterday. I had to work till 3pm. When I got home they were all pissy and ignoring me. I don't think they were happy.