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Fiances son &daughter&grandbaby r coming!

Fiance just told me his son wants to come for new years.

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Dreading Christmas

I am really not interested in spending one minute of this holiday season with my fiance's kids.

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Had an Appointment with My Counselor to Discuss Something That Was Disturbing Me

about Twit. Yeah, I know, that is a lot of ground as she is so wacky.

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BF refuses to discuss funeral plans

I tried to have a conversation with my boyfriend the other day regarding who was paying for his funeral and what was supposed to be done.

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Opinions on my new approach, please!

Here are the two immediate problems: SD27 will only see my husband alone and it hurts my feelings that he always allows this manipulation because sometimes it takes him away from something I think is

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18 Year Old Step Daughter is a total witch! 14 years of raising her! What to do????????

I will try to keep this short because there is soooo much to say! I have been with my husband for 14 years. I was 19 and he was 31. We have been married for 8 years. I love him very much.

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my adult skids think "my" money is "their" money

I was widowed in 1999 when my sons were 12 and 15. I received a bit of insurance money and receive my late husband's pension.

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Horrible Funeral Behavior (part 2)

So BIL and SIL are now trashing me on Facebook saying I'm trying to turn MIL's day into mine and cause drama.

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Tried to broach the topic of funerals

I asked my boyfriend who was going to pay for his funeral and what he wanted done (we don't have any joint accounts that I can access for $$ to pay for it).

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Is your disengagement working?

FINALLY! I think I have made the full circle on my disengagement (3 years) from my SD55 and SGD30.