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Babying of 20 year old SS driving me nuts!

The babying is driving me nuts.
So badly I already can barely stand being around the skid but I am starting to not want to be around DH.

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SDIL returning xmas gifts

DH and I got sgs2 a cute toy for xmas. We thought it was great and something that gs would love. We put our thought, time and $$$ into buying this gift.

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DH filled with guilt

I feel very badly for DH. He HAS contacted the attorney to begin emancipation of his daughter when she graduates college in May. He believes that ex will fight it just to screw him over some more.

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Lazy 17 year old boy

This kid is a loud obnoxious person. Talks down me and his mother like we don't do enough.

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In jail again! This time CS.

OSD46 is in jail again, owes $40,000+ in CS. They are extraditing her to the childrens state this week. Sad thing is she just got her 1st job in 5yrs and is completely off drugs.

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Oh boy... The witch is pissed off now...

So dh and sd had fight back a month ago. He did not divorce me and she's pissed. She's been waiting over twenty years after all.

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His Ex and the Holidays

We have been together 3 years. We both have adult children. He has two a 24 year old girl and a 27 year old boy. His ex wife let him over 7 years ago when she came out as a lesbian.

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Clingy SD can't let us leave town

Tomorrow we are going on vacation for three weeks some place warm.

Every single time we are set to leave there is this pathetic attempt to cause trouble from SD34.

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Adult Children Contracts

Anyone have a sample Adult child living at home contract they are willing to share or links to some good samples? Thanks

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Normal Conflict between Spouses + Skid councelors

Do your adult SKIDS ever chime in when you have minor disagreements with your spouse? Do they ever jump to the aid of DH and then turn on you?