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Here's a ? Marriage/death and what would the spouse and stepdaughter be entitled to?

One of the reasons I won't even consider marriage at this time is, not only for the fact that the boyfriends dtr has done a bang up job on our relationship--but boyfriend allowed it, but mostly for th

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Gonna Strangle This SS

Yes,18 and still does NOTHING but sit around all day and content to smoke weed and play video games because his MOM lets him! And I'm caught in between.

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Apathy or burnout

So dh's daughter wrote back, saying how enamored she is of the country she is in, and how she is not coming home once the semester ends in a few weeks.

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when they're gone

My DF had full custody of his son since he was 12. I moved in 3 years ago. SS20 moved out last month.

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Dealing with Death

I am so disgusted by the behavior of both my SO's kids, I don't even know if I can continue to even be civil when/if I see them.

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I'm thinking of ending this... Advice please!!

So I've written a few posts the last couple of days. I have an out right now or I'll have to wait another year for one. I can move back to my home, get another job and start over.

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Disney dad doesn't get it

So.... I have to travel 10 hours to take care of my home that is rented out. I am having difficulty finding someone to watch my 12 year old while I am gone--- along with a dog, a few cats and fish.

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So tired...

I am sooooooo tired of my thoughts, opinions and ideas NOT MATTERING to my husband when it comes to my skids!! Never did, never will. Don't know why I still let it get to me after all these years!

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DH's daughter's hurt over his loving husband behavior to me?

So the weekend before last there was a family get together for DH. DH was quite supportive of me which was nice.

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Who Matters

Not too long ago, I was listening to Oprah on the radio and she said that what all people want, is to know that they matter to someone.