Blended Family Issues

Let's talk about the issues that arrise as part of a blended family.
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Any and All advice on Disengaging PLEASE!

I have done a lot of research lately on disengaging from my 3 skids. I also think it will be the best thing for my DH to disengage from my son as well. The questions that I have

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Is it really always SMs fault that skids don't like you?

So my partner has made it clear that me disengaging from SD5 and SS7 will be thr end of us mist likely. ..I kinda agree when you have to disengage from young kids, something is very wrong.

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SS9 needs counseling, a good a** whooping and serious punishment

I cant stand this little perverted nitwit. What makes it 10 times worst he never receives consequences.

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Tired of all the fighting and BS...Should a parent's bedroom be off limits?

First let me state I do not care if myself or my husband is in our room and the kids come in. I enjoy all of us being together at times.

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fiance's daughter

I love my fiance and his daughter. She is 6 years old, and he has full custody of her because her mother is not fit to parent.

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Can't deal with her nastiness anymore!!!!

I'm dating a man with a 10yr old daughter. After living with them for sometime now, trust me I've questioned if this relationship is worth it just putting up with her.

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Just feel like giving up...totally depressed.


I seem to be just "down" I'm not happy at all. I love my kids(bio)...but honestly 2 days this week with SS8 is doing me in.

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They are cut out of same cloth!

So I have been unsuccesful in getting my partner to talk about our 'blended family' - a conversation we should have had 3 years ago.

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Christmas dilemma

First of all..... WOW! This is my first visit to this forum and I wish I found it years ago!

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Bio Won't Agree to Weekend Schedule Change

My husband and I each have custody of 2 kids from previous marriages.