Blended Family Issues

Let's talk about the issues that arrise as part of a blended family.
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Skids and Impetigo/contagious illnesses

I am very very new at this step parenting this. I am not new to parenting as I was previously a single mom for 6 years. I work for my parents and my mom.

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Splitting kids/skids cell phone with the Ex?

Please tell me if and how you guys do this.
BM has now proposed her and DH split the cell phone bill for SS.
We have 4 kids: 2 bios for me (BS15 and BD13) and 2 for DH (SS14 and SD9)

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Found an interesting email

So, many of you might know how my SD22 is only lovey dovey with daddykins when she wants $. Not unlike your skids I'm sure.

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It just keeps getting better...

So, I posted earlier about my SS22 being in a car accident and how my DH wants me to care for her since I'm a chiropractor. NOT gonna happen...

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Interesting conversation

As time comes closer to OBS graduating I've noticed he isn't speaking with many people any more. The friends he's had since 7th 8th grade. I was curious and asked last night.

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Cause I'm not dealing with her crap !!!

Thursday night OBS has a dinner at school to present his jersey number and spot on the team. It's a pretty big deal I found out freshman year when I showed up in jeans and a Tshirt.

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Desperately Need Advice - At A Crossroads with BFs Kids

I am hoping to get some perspective, validation and advice.

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"Go and create trouble...."

This weekend's visit went ok... I guess.. we had a great time picking pumpkins and carving them, we went to the zoo... life seemed ok...

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SD3 won't sleep through the damn night

Long story short... BM co sleeps with her. She is not capable of sleeping through the night in her own bed on any given night.

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Sd12- thorn in my bloody side

Ok so DH and I recently got married but he split up form BM over 4 years ago. SS14 and I get on like a house on fire, he is a great kid.