Blended Family Issues

Let's talk about the issues that arrise as part of a blended family.
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Here's my Brady Bunch

My Birth father and Mother had me'

Birth Father left and had 3 more kids with 3 more women

Never met birth father until I was 21

Only met 1 of Birth Fathers 3 other children

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How would you feel about DH?

How would you feel about your DH if he admitted in an heated argument the following?

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More BPD vortex of sh*t (post-Easter)

My BIL started a big drama with my friends because he was not invited to our party with the "cool people" the night before Easter, so he decided to text lies that I said this or that about people (whi

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12 year old SS verbally/emotionally damaging YBS

I'm new here and looking for advice. I'll try my best with the short forms too lol

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Don't become a step!

Just don't do it. If you are married and have children; stay married. Unless there is abuse. It all ends up the same. Exciting at first; not so much later.

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Ok maybe Im just complaining but how do you all handle activities with EOW step kids? Does your SO go to all their kids things, even when they dont have the kid?

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Overcoming Thanks To StepTalk!!!

Incase you haven't read any of my previous posts here's a quick run down:
SS11 was:
1. refusing to complete tasks for school (example: class work, bringing home homework)

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BM using again, worried about skids during visitation...

BM has been in rehab twice in the last two years. She was required to go after overdosing both times.

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SM insearch of advice

Just to make a long story short. I am a SM of a 14 yr old girl, and a BM of 7yr old and a 2yr old. We both have a child from a previous relationship and then one together.

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Delicate Situation

Hi my husband and I are the custodial parents of his 8 year old daughter. We believe we may be pregnant. This will be my first child. How would you suggest telling my stepdaughter as well as her mom.