Blended Family Issues

Let's talk about the issues that arrise as part of a blended family.
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I have anxiety when all the kids are together

My son is returning from his dad's tonight. My ss's are home. I get nervous when I know they will all be together.

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Skids meeting my parents and brother for first time

My boyfriend's daughters, 14 and 10, will be meeting my parents and my brother (aged 22) at Easter. I have a great relationship with the girls and we have talked from time to time about my family.

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Do you feel like a bad mother?

Not even a bad step-mother, even. I just feel like a bad everything.

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How did an "ours" baby affect your blended family?

Hey all, I'm curious at the varied responses I might get! How did having an "ours" baby change your blended family dynamic?

Did your or your spouses kids gets jealous or act out?

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bickering step brothers

Anyone deal with boys close in age that constantly bicker about everything? One but it's a ball-buster type the other is well...a bit of a cry baby. Ages 8&9. Help before I go insane! Shocked

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Daily contact with an ex? Is this normal?

Smiling just a simple question. How many times per day is it normal for your spouse to text an ex regarding kids??

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Separating siblings

Just thinking today...

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I don't know how much longer I can do this.

I feel like the most horrible person in the world, but I don't know how much longer I can deal with my SS.

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Appropriate Punishment?

So yesterday I was home with BD12 & SD12 both sick, DH was working. When BS12 & SS11 come in from school, they decided to fix themselves sandwiches without asking permission first.

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Maybe her future isn't as bleak as I thought...

SDstb10 could always make a career in acting. Not movies, but maybe a trashy afternoon soap opera or novella.