Blended Family Issues

Let's talk about the issues that arrise as part of a blended family.
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Fair or Unfair? Left to care for baby while DH spends EOW with stepkids

I work really hard all week long and am the sole breadwinner in the house.

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We are SO frustrated

If you've been following my posts you'll know that my DH just got deployed. He hasn't been gone long but since he's left SS doesn't want to stay here anymore and only wants BM.

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Anyone out there to talk to?

I'm hoping for support right now. I don't know any other step parents or divorced friends I could talk to so I feel incredibly alone.
What keeps you going???

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How to restore a broken relationship and marriage

Hello EveryOne

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confused and stressed

SK say they hate me and their dad. They refuse to come here, never call, EVER, only text to say they aren't coming or to say something horrible. My husband says he loves them but its there choice.

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Hypochondriac Ex

As I have mentioned in other posts, my husband's ex is the Queen of Ailments.

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unsure to try for another baby or not

The family is me, dh, dd12, dd11, sd11, dd10 and ds17mo.

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The breakup of a blended family...

For a little background feel free to read In that post I reference another post.

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I cannot be a Stepmother anymore

I'm feeling a lot of regret right now about choosing to marry my husband knowing he already had a child. His son was 1 when we started dated and now he is 6.

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Is 11 to young to shovel snow

A couple of weeks ago SO Stated that my 16 year old son should of had all our back deck 12x14 shoveled off. My sonand daughter shoveled our front walk way side walk and back way.