Blended Family Issues

Let's talk about the issues that arrise as part of a blended family.
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Candle light dinner

What do you do when you have just your bios? Isn't it so sweet to not have to put up some sort of front- either a fake niceness or a defensive front against their manipulations and nastiness?

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Having trouble switching gears

I have an SD12 who is here every other week all year long...She has been horrible since day one..typical mini-wife stuff, extreme jealousy of me and my BD13.

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I told DH that BM needs to send food for SD and he freaked .. VENT

This may sound petty but keep in mind this is a pretty regular occurrence. We have SD full time. BM takes her 1 day and pays no child support.

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DH told his Bio he gives up ?

Problems with my SS started at age 5 when he & SD came to live with DH, myself & my two bios(twins 13yr). DH & I tried to reteach SS12 & SD13 a normal way of life.

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Am I Being Greedy - Estate Planning Issue?

My husband and I have been married 22 years, and he has a grown son and 4 grandchildren (3 natural and 1 stepgrandchild).

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Bedtime buddies

For the first time in 8 years, DH decided to fall asleep in SD bed. I would understand if this was a continuation of babyhood, but to start now??? That's just weird. I'm thinking I might move.

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Update on baby food girl

SD: I had baby food in my lunch box. Kids laughed at me and I cried of embarrassment. Yep. Just like you all predicted. I mean who lets their kid take baby food for lunch?!

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A good but bad situation - advice?

Hello all! I'm new here but far from new on the blended family life. Husband and I met and began dating 6 years ago at which time he had a daughter from a previous relationship.

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SD reverting to babyhood

Hello to all! SD 8 started wetting her bed nightly two weeks ago while at her mom's. Started wearing diapers and eating 100% baby food. Even her speech is regressing.

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14 yr old stepson split custody nightmare!

Hi this is my first posting on this site, I am in dire need of some real world advice that is why I am here.

Ok here is the breakdown of the situation: