Blended Family Issues

Let's talk about the issues that arrise as part of a blended family.
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Double Standards - advice needed please

FDH has 60/40 with his kids, my skids. They are with us 40% of the time. My own bio daughter has now turned 18 and is attending college while living at home because the dorms are so expensive.

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Which Envelope

We received an invitation to a special event from my sister-in-law. Actually, we received two invitations. One was addressed to:
The 'My Last Name' Family

The other was addressed to:

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I Don't Know How to Be a StepWhatever to Two Terrbile Skids

I need help. I hate my SO’s kids. They are here again for a week, which means I am spending more time at work and sequestering myself to my bedroom to avoid having to deal with them.

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Advice Needed

I wasn't sure which forum to put this. My problem isn't with my step kids. I've known them for 4 years and we have worked out many kinks. My issue is with their mother.

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Co Sleeping...Frustrated

Hi yall..

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So many issues I'm ready to give up

Hi, I'm new here and at the end of my rope...

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full-time stepmoms

I have my days where I love my family dynamic and other days I drift off wondering how life would be had I run for the hills the day my fiance and I wound up with custody of his 3 kids 1 plus o

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Horrible, Abusive SD - What to do about it?

Snowflake has absolutely crossed several lines and we're at a loss. We've tried counseling, but she takes the counselor's words and uses them against us - it goes something like this:

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Involment of step child's birthday celebrations

Hi there, just thought I'd post this for some advice.....

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I new to this site. I have two step children and one of my own. We do not have Children together. My children are much older. Starting to feel as though this is just too hard