Blended Family Issues

Let's talk about the issues that arrise as part of a blended family.
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New to Dating Single Mother

I'm reaching out for some advice on what is normal and what is not normal in my current situation.

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Just wondering how everyone handles chores for Skids they have only like every other weekend.

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It's their house, too?

DH and I were discussing this topic this weekend. I hear a lot of people argue that kids of divorce have two houses.

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Help! He tried to run away again!

I really need some advice and guidance here guys. SS8 lives with us. We haven't heard from BM in months, she's never taken care of SS. Lately, he's been on a roll with behavior.

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Hopes and dreams dashed

Married almost two years. SD is 11. Sweet girl and we have a good relationship I think but wife says I bully her. SD has some bad habits that wife won't stay consistent in correcting.

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Every year for Easter I put a basket together for bk and skids. Last yr sd 17 threw it in the trash and sds 11 wouldn't ever say thank you. Skids haven't been to our home since Christmas.

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hateful ex

Has anyone successfully dealt with hd's hateful ex? I've had it. getting a divorce is the last thing I want but I'm tired of her being ugly towards me.

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I don't know if there are many other happy firsts SOs family can take from me.

So I am officially done... Someone tell me if I am being unreasonable here. I travelled 5 hours to have my sons 1st birthday around SOs family and mine.

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50/50 Arrangement doesn't WORK!!!

I am a Step-Mom to a 8-year old child with Autism, Biological Mom to 12-year old daughter. My daughter lives with me and my husband full time, the Step-son lives with us 50/50, every other week.

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SD Embellishes Badly

My SD13 is a very good kid, but she embellishes constantly and is extremely boastful. I'm never sure how to react. Some of her "whoppers" include: