Blended Family Issues

Let's talk about the issues that arrise as part of a blended family.
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Clothing for EOW SKids

I was just wondering... How many pairs of shoes and jeans and outfits, pjs and such do skids need when they are only at your house every other weekend?

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I want to fix mine & my stepmoms relationship

Hi everyone, I know this isn't a site made for stepkids but I wanted to get your opinions on what I could do to improve my relationship with my stepmom

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My stepkids are ruining my marriage

I have been with my husband for almost 9 years. When we met, his kids were 3, 5 and 10. The oldest has graduated and left the house but the younger two live with us half time.

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Talked to the Skid last night. He was on a rant about the Sperm Idiot.

After the wedding we dropped the Skid off with the Sperm Idiot the next AM(Thurs) on our way to drop my niece off at the airport.

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sports game - who goes/ who doesnt?

Hi there, so I'm new to being in a blended family. My new partner and his son stay with me and my kids every weekend (this is his time that he gets with his son).

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Stepson overheard a negative conversation about his biological mom

I was so angry yesterday. It was my older stepson's birthday. He turned 15.

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Undisciplined and disrespectful stepsons and completely non-confrontational wife


Hello all! I cannot believe there is a forum for this! Thank you!!

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Expected to take SKIDS out and leave Bio child at home?!

I've been lurking here for a while without posting but really need some advice now.

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how to deal with a grown up skid!

Ok here is my situation I have being married for almost 7 years, i had 2 kids from my first marriage and he as well both of us a boy and a girl, they get a long pretty good, they respect me for the mo

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Has your wicked Stepmother been beating you again today darlings?

OK, this has never been said because I don't even raise my voice to skids.

BUT... I have always believed in the power of multiple, very subtle messages over sledgehammer questions/comments.