Blended Family Issues

Let's talk about the issues that arrise as part of a blended family.
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Feel left out when SO has his kids...are my feelings justified or am I just a whiney partner??

Hello to all the amazing step parents on this site!! I am so glad I found this site because I am new to the world of blended families.

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Need To Let It Out ...

Hello Everyone,

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What is the real problem?

I have one SD8, and no bio kids. The bio dad is not, and has never been in the picture, since before SD was even born. Wife and I are newly married.

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When BM claims Skids are depressed?

Has anyone dealt with a BM who claims that the skids are depressed because of what we (DH & Stepmom) are doing to them?

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I don't know if my boyfriends son doesn't like me or just has something wrong with him.

I've been in my boyfriend sons life since he was 2 he always seemed to like me but as of lately hes now 8 he never talks to me, hides from me ignores me ect.

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SO's ex wife threatens to call CPS on me for my SS Lies!

My 14 yr old SS is creating stories about me being "mean" to me and telling them to his mom (who is a shit show; we have sole custody) she has told my SO that she will call CPS on me (meanwhile she ha

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Trying to Help My Wife.. Not Sure what to do anymore though..

Hey everyone, new here, just found this place while searching google this morning. I am a divorced father of 2 teenage girls.

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Banning my stepchildren?

I feel like a monster for even having to say this. My fiance has 3 children by two mothers. His oldest is 14 and not biologically his, but he has been there since he was born.

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So uncomfortable around stepsons......

Hi everyone, I found this site yesterday and I'm so happy I did. I was starting to think everything was my fault and I just wasn't handling being a stepmom very well, I truly dislike my SS's.

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Spouses Step kid

This is my first post.. Let me start off by saying I have a DD8 and DS3. My partner has a DD6 and DD3. He also has a step child from his ex wife that he thinks of as a son whom is 10.