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feeling guilty

I am step mom of two 7&10.I have been around since they were 3&4. Somehow along the way I picked up alot of the plans we do as a family together.

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So much for therapy

So I picked this awesome therapist that was relatively inexpensive, thinking it would be like a spa know cry me a river of freaking tears - blah, blah, blahing about skids and their BMs for

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skids can mess up your life

we all know the big ways with child support leaving you and spouse with no money, bm calling all the shots, no privacy with skids taking up your house.

but what about the wee things?

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Skidly is Due to BLESS Us with His Presence This Weekend...

... The kid (14) hasn't been to see his father in nearly 3 months... including fathers day, which was SO's weekend...

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my husband's dream

Last night DH was holding me so tight when I came back to be from going to the bathroom.
He said, please don't leave me, don't go, I love you...

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BM engaged!!!!

DH bumped into a mutual friend of BM's the other day and she said 'oh so I hear BM is engaged!' We had no idea and DH felt embarrassed that someone random was more clued up about his own kids mother t

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So bm just likes to enforce the divorce decree when its convenient for her. Dh doesn't care if he has his kids but as a sm i cant afford them all the time plus pay full cs.

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Update to Ultra Super Vent

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Why can't I get any of my blogs to post?? So Frustrating!!

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last straw

As I posted yesterday my wife and her twat monkeys get their medications and doctor visits with no problem.well I got my nio son 3 into the pediatrician for his allergies and eczema.