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Interesting article on parenthood and marriage

I figured that this group would understand and appreciate this (short) article more than most:

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BM beneficiary

Whattheseboots blog has me scared.

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Help! SS wants to be facebook friends - can BM look at my page?

SS sent me a Facebook request (I see him tonight). If BM is his friend too does that mean she can see my page? We have mutual friends and I don't want her seeing ANY of my info or DH's page.

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SD6 on Internet unsupervised

For years, DH has been letting SD6 play with his phone. She plays games, watches videos, and gets on the Internet and does God knows what.

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"coincidence" in drop off time?

BM never ever drops SS off at our house.

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LOL...NO! Just no.

This is DH's year to have all the skids for Christmas.
I won't even go into how horrible they were to him the last Christmas they were here.

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Stepchild Bedroom

Should SD9 who is only here one week every couple months have the bigger bedroom because she is older? Or should the BD1.5 have the bigger bedroom because she has more things?

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what does CREW mean?

I've been seeing that a lot. What did it mean?

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Disengagement and Discipline

Being new to this disengagement thing, I often find myself in situations that I'm not sure how to respond to. One that keeps coming up is dealing with correcting SS14.

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OT: My Sincere condolences to our Friends in Canada....

To our Step Talk Friends in Canada. I am so sorry what your country has endured today.

Please know we care and understand your great loss and worry.