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Bamboo wood flooring put down?

Solid is closely related to the life and routine maintenance, recently, experts recommend when installing wood flooring, you can put the right amount in the following charcoal, wood flooring to pr

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Telling Her Tactfully

I love my skids. I have one full time and 2 part-time.

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Does your Disney Dad do this?

Okay so my SD is 14 turning 15 and a pain to be around at times because she's in the "entitled teenager" phase. My fiance is such a pushover with her it's a bit sickening.

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Adult Step child is filthy no job and has no plans to leave at the age of 20

I'm sick of having my adult stepson live with us he needs to take flight

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happy family fantasy

So this weekend is skid weekend. Because sdstb8 was having rudeness issues and my dh has lack of discipline issues i do what i want on those weekends.

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ugh should have married a guy with no kids - rant

I know I should have expected this but I get really sick of having to share my husband. it seems like he is always willing to help his ex wife who doesn't work with whatever she needs done.

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BM exerts her control once again

So I'm here waiting for her to pick up her daughter while my morning is being held up. BM decided to take SD this weekend to a camping trip. Why she didn't just pick her up last night is beyond me.

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To the wood floor waxing is it necessary steps

wax after use mainly wood floor cleaning, floor waxing for maintenance. After the wood floor wax can achieve efficient use of decontamination.

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one of THOSE afternoons....

It's sd weetown, and the creature from the bitch lagoon managed to get her ass grounded for the weekend before I even picked her up today! Smh!

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Skids,bio mum......and sexting

Hi, my topic may seem slightly misplaced but I'm so used to this website so hope you can bear with me.