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its official now

worshiping the children is unhealthy. and article from psychology today on family life and the impact of children.

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in the general population

in the general population a certain sector of the people have character disorders. this means they have serious mental disorders including the inability to feel empathy.

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Anyone have experience with court?

As the days get closer to trial, I find my anxiety is greatly increasing. I am scared shitless of BM. Our lawyer told us she'll be in the room when I testify. I talked to DH about it.

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My car was keyed

And I think it was BM. My car is (was) nicer looking than hers and was in better condition. I am a safe driver--no tickets or accidents. Can't say the same for BM.

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BM dropping child support. .VERY suspicious.

Bf says he had a meeting with his x about back to school scheduling and stuff.He's been behind on his payments for awhile and it's a matter of time before the law grabs him.she is offering to DROP the

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SD creeped me out this weekend.

Ok a bit of explaining the situation may be necessary.... we went to a waterpark... i began having chest pain and then i was unable to breathe.

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Becoming more accepting.... advice?

So I am trying something new..

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Looking for opinions and I know you ladies have them....

School time shenanigans from BM,, wondering if any of the ladies here have had similiar issues and what they did about them.

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What does a pink background mean in a blog post?

I keep trying to create a new blog, but the background of the page is pink, and the blog never posts.

Tell me what that means and why the blog disappears.