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I really don't like SD11. There. Said it.

Okay I have to be honest. I'm really tired of pretending. I DON'T LIKE MY SD11. I don't. I have tried. I PROMISE I have.

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Frogs in the kitchen

It is no secret to my DH that I am a clean freak!

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I lost my Sh&t today. Was I wrong?

My SS16 walked into our room this morning and said "dad, I want to take some pictures of me and you to send to BM." I immediately said "no, your dad can take pictures of you to send to your mom but yo

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Wedding and all the parties - SDs openly hate me

My DH and I are three years married with an almost two year old.

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Seriously DH? Warning!!! A little graphic and TMI!

DH and I are TTC. We have been for 2 years now. We tried many things and we are on our last IUI try and then on to the more expensive IVF.

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Happy Easter to me

For those of you who have read my prior posts. Im 22 weeks pregnant with a boy and on bedrest for a short cervix.

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Can I do chores to earn $10?

My DH comes home yesterday and tells me that SS wants to do chores to earn $10. Now I know that this couldn't possibly sound like a bad idea, right?

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I just knew BM would pull something near my due date...(subtitle: with inlaws like these, who needs enemies?)

First off, apologies if I come off as bitchy in this post. I am 9 days from my due date and got blindsided by BM once again just yesterday.

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testing. Having computer probs

Just a test. Trying to post a big one that keeps disappearing on me.

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Me and my baby have ended up at my mums house. I'm broken.

After a difficult couple of weeks today I had to make the decision to move us out to my mums house. I don't know how long we will be here for but I am utterly heartbroken right now.