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SAHM and keeping skids?

Ok ladies, give opinions please. I'm a SAHM.

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What Are The Best Healthy Smoothies For Weight Loss?

Fast food has become the main factor of why society has become so overweight in recent decades. Eating unhealthy overweight often lead quickly, or over time, obese.

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Ways to cope

I am wondering what other people do to cope with the unpleasent feelings that comes with step life?

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So tired

So tired of trying and DH not being consistent. My DH makes rules and never really enforces them.

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Wow ~ WTF ??? New zoo review ~

So DF & I have been off for awhile ~ not on the same page as all. He is the different end of the spectrum in regards of discipline. He is way more lennant than I.

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unappreciated or did I get in my feelings??

Hello you guys let me know what you think.

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What is the members' " life expectancy" on ST? How long do people stay on average?

Somebody has just responded to a thread from 2011 on Adult Skids forum. Out of curiosity, I took a look at posters' names, and with just 2 exceptions, did not recognize any.

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Latest Drama

The latest drama is that this weekend, when we were having dinner at my Aunt's, DHs ex girlfriend called.

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Damned If I do or don't

After a recent convo were my Dh says the last two visits I eyeballed sd looking for negatives and of course I am going to see or "catch" bad behavior if I am looking for it. Yep he said that.

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Dr. Craig Childress "Stark Reality" Though provoking artical about PAS

Happy Labor Day!!