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"You knew what you were getting into"

Does this line make anyone else want to reach out and strangle the person saying that? At least for me it does.

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talking about girl stuff with DH

So we went to a picnic with sdstb8 today. She is a stocky little girl, built like dh. I noticed that you could see not only the outlines of her boobs, but also her nipples.

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When should you expect your kid or stepkid to be responsible?

My DH and I have been arguing this week in particular because the BM texts or calls screaming at what a horrible dad he is and how SD12 feels he hates her and he doesn't care and he should be at softb

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Does anyone else feel this?

There is a post someplace here I read that explains DH "traits" as to how they tend to act like they need to fix things for the X or do things the way the X wants, etc.

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Just Got Word that

SS14 doesn't want to come this weekend after all - we were going to have him here for the 3 day weekend, and he texted his father this morning saying he wanted to stay home and hang out with his frien

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Someone jumped on the crazy train this week!!

So yesterday I was accused, by BM, of sending "too healthy" of a lunch to for SS and then this morning I was screamed at for bringing SS to school, because he didn't have school (even though he did).'s picture

SD decides she doesn't like me.

I'm kind of new to the whole stepparent job and so far it sucks. So right now I am watching my 3 y/o sd by myself. My bf is out of town working, unexpectedly and bm is out of town for pleasure.

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How much does a typical custody battle cost?

An absent bio mother (no show for the past six years) all of sudden want custody. The guy (bio dad) has full custody of the child (soon to be 7 years old)

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Disagreement with DH

So my DH is extremely angry at something BM did and I actually find myself not agreeing with him about it, but I don't know who is actually the one that is unreasonable/in the wrong or if it's neither

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SS middle school graduation

BM was there...
I ignored her.
All of DH's family (except MIL and FIL) made small talk and laughed with BM...