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Creepy things skids innocently say

What are some creepy things your skids have innocently said, stuff you just know came from BM (or BD if your a SF)?

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Second Excessive Excused Absence Notice

Came to our house today in reference to SD10's schooling. These absences weren't on our time.

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To clarify

I feel sort of attacked by some of you who say that my husband is "obsessive" for keeping his mid week visit with his daughter.

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SD demanding access to my children again

Sd16 called yesterday saying she wanted to talk. dH called her back in hopes she was ready to begin taking the steps we have outlined for her to have any chance of access to our toddlers.

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dont want to be compared anymore

i am almost fed up.

evidently bm was a goddess on a pedestal. she was a good cook, cleaned the house and the floors and walked on water among other things.

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What is the dumbest thing BM (or BD if you're a stepdad) has called the police on your household for?

The police have been called so many times I've lost count, but by far the dumbest one was when BM called the police on DH for taking minibm to a doctor appointment.

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Take your piece offering and shove it...

I honestly want to scream right now!!

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Whats the most manipulative thing your stepchildren have done?

Something big that has caused major issues in your marriage

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Finally going to court

I know most people would be upset about this but we finally are going to court. FDH filed for 50/50 and a couple days before (we didn't know this) BM filed for child support.

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Completely O/T and not S/T related

I clean when I am nervous, stressed, don't know what to do about a situation.