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Spin off of Skids Messy Rooms

I wanted to post the other day when there were other posts about messy rooms but I honestly did not have the mental energy to do so, this happened 10 years ago.

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New to this couple questions

I am new (well relatively new) to this and have couple of questions.


SKs and Texting

So does anyone else wonder if BM is actually the one texting your DH on the SKs phone? I haven't seen the texts between SD11 and DH. DH says he texts SD11 every night now that she has her own phone.

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Rose tinting wearing off. Part 1

I'm sorry if this yet another repeat post. I've tried posting this before twice and I can't seem to find it so here goes one more try.

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the LOVE thing...

BioMonster dropped off the skids Friday. PrincASS15 brought some books to keep at our house. Why? Because:

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Monthly needs for SD:

$160 groceries
$260 roof over her head
$50 clothes (this is averaged throughout year)
$20 electricity
$10 water

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want to vent about public school giving As and Bs for crap work

I know teachers have alot going on and with 30 plus kids it's hard to really look at their individual work, but man, some of the assignments he gets As on I just don't understand.

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Looking for a couple's therapist, need some help.

My DH and I need therapy. Our relationship is actually pretty great when his skids aren't around. He's very attentive, loving, generous, and fun. When his skids are around I am mad at him often.

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Venting: Letter to BioMom

I'm not really going to send this. Just venting today. She won't stick to the custody agreement. He is going to court.

Dear BIO MOM ______

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"DH" seem to be at fault just as much as "BM"

I'm a SM and have been for 30 years. I felt that all the problems that we had with SKIDS were the BM's fault (and in my cause so much of it is, she is EVIL).