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update to I hate christmas

So thanks to a lot of good advice from others here I talked to dh about sd7 bringing ornaments over from bms house.

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Here's your Christmas present, BM!

So BM's attorney demanded this extensive discover for purposes of sticking BF for the maximum amount of CS so she could quit her job and sit on her ass.

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What does normal parenting behavior look like for a 50/50 parent?

My parents never divorced. I've never been the ncp.

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Going from 70/30 to 50/50

Sooo lately my husband and his ex have been talking about changing custody agreement to 70/30 to 50/50... One week with us then one week with her.

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need some input please. Loosing it.

A few months ago I found texts from BM that looked like she and DH were having an affair. DH lied to my face several times leading up to that saying that BM never talked to him anymore.

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Stepkids /stepmom talk

Maybe its just me but does anyone else ever feel awkward telling new people about your current situation?!

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student loans

Thank you for this very helpful and informative post.

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Facebook rant

Just want to vent...

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I have started worknig from home....

so that I won't have to depend on DH.... and sadly I have to let things go.... I am hoping it's not such a big deal if dishes don't get done everyday or the floors aren't mopped everyday....

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Viral online letter from BM to stepmom

This should be a heartwarming article, but I dunno... Thoughts??