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OT what got labor going for you ladies???

over 40 weeks now and dreading being induced a second time around.

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Social Security Cards and Birth Certificates, who has them?

Recent events have made me curious if any of you on this site have had issues.

DH has primary custody, but when BM left him-(moved out of his house)-she took all legal documents.

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Need advice as how to move on after breakup due to stepkids and MiL


I have spent some hours on this forum during the last year.

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A bra...

I'm at work tonight and bf and his dd4 are at our house. Just got a text from bf that dd4 just told him that her mom bought her bras. BRAS. She is 4 years old for God's sake. My mind is blown

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ADHD is a frequent topic of conversation here

I thought this was an interesting article. Lots of skids diagnosed.

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BM interference - Must she always be a @$&%#?!

Any help or advice will be appreciated.

DH's ex wife - Dungball - is someone I can't stand! Every time I have exposure to this woman (read piece of trash) my blood boils!

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Thursday from HELL!!!

DH normally gets dPPP and SS7 on Thursday nights for a few hours. I was all set to crack open my bottle of wine and watch Grey's and relax when DH asked me if I would go with him.

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SD arguing with me.... as usual

so we were having a discussion about our favorite days:

SD -"when we rode, MT. Everest, no, the Yeti ride, when we went to Disney World."

ME -"it's called Mt. Everest"

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Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

If you had to label your skid as one or more of the Willy Wonka children, who would it be? Here is a list of the children, if you need a refresher:

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Intro - new to the game.

G'day all,

I'm new to the site & new to the whole concept of Step Parenting. It's a challenge but I'm loving (nearly) every minute of it Smiling