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I just got a call from DH. Seems Inbred wants some more money from him. She wants him to pay for half of dPPP ballet classes and half of SS7 baseball.
"What do you think?"

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ADD/ADHD or Just Plain Old Rotten Spoiled

I just responded to a blog entry about me curious what you all think--ADD/ADHD or just spoiled?

Here is what I wrote in the blog response:

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Anniversary from hell!

My DH and I were discussing our anniversary, which is tomorrow. Things have not been good between us for a while. I bought him a nice swing for the backyard.

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SD's first Preschool Field trip... and No BM.

So, Last Thursday was SD Pumpkin Patch day with her preschool class. At the beginning of SD's school year BM and FDH had a talk about 'Turning a new leaf' (I posted about it)

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lol SD contradicts herself, yet again

ALL weekend SD was EEEEW this and EEEW that... she, I guess, is becoming aware that there is a double meaning to things, and that sometimes it's sexual in nature.

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Long post.. Somebody please help

I need help. I desperately need someone to talk to that understands. This is my first time posting anything about my stepfamily life.

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Rude skids can't shut up

Skids, 12 and 14, are here for an impromptu visit (birthday gifts anyone?) and as usual, talk over me nearly every time I open my mouth.

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Well, the BM came for treatment

Well, the BM came for treatment, it was only slightly awkward at first but then funny thing was, when I was working on her I actually forgot who she was, she was just another person on my table...I gu

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Age of Kid When Entering Their Life

Do any of you think that it would have made a difference in your relationship with skid/s had you entered their life while they were younger or even older?

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not joking - SS's conversation to BM over pubic hair

Here's some f'd up shit I managed to banish to the back of my mind. This was prob 2yrs ago that my SS(now 14) had a conversation about his pubic hair with his mom.