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what do you guys do with all the candy?

After trick or treating, what do you do with the candy?

Store it?
Trash it?
donate it?
let them eat a bit at a time? if so how much at a time?
let them eat it all to get it out of the house?

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Bet ya he won't play the I forgot card again.

Last night DH informed me that he arranged to see his kids on Saturday. He didn't tell me before hand that he had planned on doing this, just did it.

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I can understand HAVING favorites... and I can understand DH loving SD more (she is HIS after all)

but does he have to make it so OBVIOUS?!

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Marriage may be failing as a result of lack of relationship with SS

Did anyone ever have a bad relationship with their step child, and then do something they regret because of the anger and intense instability they caused in your life?

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BM is throwing Halloween party and my bf is going over to help.

X is having a party tonight for boys 18 and 16 . She cannot wrap up party because she wants to go to an adult party this evening as well.

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Should I just give up on SD?

My dh got a call from BM the other night. SD12 hasn't been doing class work at school, particularly in math. SD12 claims she stayed after school to do the assignments and finished all 12 off them.

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After recovering the

With the 2012 CFL Draft set for today on TSN, TSN.

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opinions on carrying skids on your health insurance

It is open benefit season. Dh's insurance goes up quite a bit. He is required to carry sd7 on his health insurance. If I carry them both on mine it would be a few dollars cheaper.

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Buying a child's love

I am so tired of the same old argument from BM's with custody of the children that Dad buys the children's love, buys them whatever they want to make them like him. Ya know what...

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Who should pay?

Quick question about my DH's ortho bill for his son . . .