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Step kid weirdness?

Just curious if this is just me thinking this is weird or if you agree. To a set of the month my skid stays with his BM because DH works out of town.

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Civil Investigation-experience?

Sorry for a longer post, but I feel like I need to give some details about this:

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What is with all the manipulation and drama on BM's part...

Sorry this is a long story - I am writing to vent and to see if anyone relates to what my husband and I are going through. My husband has a son, 15 years old, with his ex-girlfriend.

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1st wedding anniversary falls on Father's Day :(

I feel so selfish but my first wedding anniversary happens to fall on Father's Day this weekend. My husband is obviously taking his kids out for Father's Day lunch.

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Sd behavior- new one on me!!!

Puzzled First post so bare with me please?

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I dont' think we're going to make it

This is my first post. I'll try to make this as brief as possible.

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skids give me grey hair!

It's only *on* topic because it's skids who caused the gray hairs...

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Need advice

See last post for a tad of what I've been dealing with.

My question :
SS adult. Is taking college courses and play in the band at games.
Ok, I'm good with not going unless invited.

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SS little manipulative piece of...

Oh. My. GOD! So to those of you who've been following, SS13 if totally full of crap!

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OT - interesting article on what helps relationships last

I know we could all do with some help with our other halves sometimes, so I thought I would post this interesting article that someone posted on my facebook wall.