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Top things DH / DW has ever said the the ex

Let's get the morning started right. What are your favorite things your DH or DW has said to the ex?

Favorites my DH has said...

1. "Go drive off a cliff!"

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Biobitch lives up to her name!

Biobitch is a bitch all right! After saying that she didn't want SS12 and that he was free to move with us, when SS said he wanted to go, surprise surprise, she said NO.

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Anti BM Vent: fake pregnancy, new marriage & racist crime

I am so fucking sick of Dungball (BM)!! I am so sick of this woman and all of her drama. I hate her more every day that goes by!! Thinking about her leaves me nauseaous.

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Quick Vent - DH's Bday today...

And before I even woke up this morning, DH got a text from BM saying "Happy Birthday"... She has to text both of us since she abused her texting DH privelage.

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Dear God, SD won't STFU!

Good Lord, it's not like this is a new development or anything, but I just need to vent about it today cuz I'm going to blow!!!!!

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Moving to a new house... stress plus SD visiting for a week

Im gearing up for a week of stress. DH and I are moving into a new house this week and there is a lot to do. DH has decided SD14 should come visit to "help with the move". HA!

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Mouthy 5 yr old SD

Sd just got back from a weekend with BM and is mouthy as all hell, DH at work and she usually is never this bad but seriously how do I handle this?

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Selfish Mother and Graduation Drama (I'm still mad about this)

Well Mom aren't talking much right now due to events from SD18's graduation last month. Against my better judgment I let her hang with us at SD's graduation.

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Stepkids won't ask bio dad when they need stuff.

i hope you guys understand the topic. Prime example- 11 year stepkid says he wants an ipad or iphone for his birthday. personally i think he's too young.

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Husband making me resent his son

I am new to this forum so please bear with me, I am just so relieved to have found out it is not just me that has a problem with children from another relationship.