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Hello, I'm new and just joined tonight to not feel so alone right now. having trouble w/ all the abreviations...I get SS, SD, BM...those are easy but some of the others are difficult. is there somewhere that tells me what all the abreviations mean?

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If you go to FAQ - up on the

If you go to FAQ - up on the left top of your screen, there is a list of commonly used abbreviations for the site.


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Hi usmcstepmom. I'm new here

Hi usmcstepmom. I'm new here too, so we can be new together. Smiling SO isn't on that FAQ list, but I'm assuming it's significant other (that's how I'm using it, at least). I saw GUBM somewhere (sorry, can't remember whose post), and that threw me. Puzzled

The acronyms can be a little overwhelming, but I'm thinking that they become second nature over time.

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GUBM threw me too...

GUBM threw me too...


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Hahaha, that's my BM...the

Hahaha, that's my BM...the GUBM. It stands for Golden Uterus Bio Mom/Birth Mom. Once upon a time, another blogger on here posted this article:

which describes the Golden Uterus Complex. It also describes the BM I have to deal with perfectly. It's almost like the person who wrote it spent a year observing GUBM.
And, so, she was thus dubbed the GUBM.

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I think I will!

I think I will!

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GU = Golden Uterus so GUBM =

GU = Golden Uterus so GUBM = Golden Uterus Birth Mum


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USMCSM -- welcome to

USMCSM -- welcome to steptalk!


I don't cater to crazy.

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Semper Fi from a Stumps brat.

Semper Fi from a Stumps brat. Not able to serve due to child onset (T-1) diabetes but I was born to a Marine at the base hospital in 29 Palms.

The TLA's (Two/Three Letter+ Acronyms) will become clear over time. If they don't just ask.

A few to get you started beyond the ones you have already identified:

DH = Dear Husband.
DW = Dear Wife
XW/XH = X (Spouse of appropriate flavor)
MIL/FIL/SIL/BIL = In laws of appropriate flavor.
BS/BD = Bio kids of appropriate flavor.

I hope you find this a good place to vent, contribute and to pick up some useful advice from others who are living the blended family dream.

Welcome and best regards,


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Welcome! Semper Fi! 17 yrs

Welcome! Semper Fi! 17 yrs active AF here and a BM and SM.


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OMG BM has a Golden Uterus

OMG BM has a Golden Uterus Complex!!!! Why didn't I know about this before!?


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Ha! That's the same reaction

Ha! That's the same reaction I had when I first read that article. It's really eye opening, isn't it?