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BM has a new hobby... stalking!

So we took the kids to the zoo all day long today, BM knew our plans. And apparently while we were over 100 miles away, she took this as the opportunity to come to our new house and check out the place. WTF??? DH has told her on several occasions that if she wants to see where we live, she is welcome to follow us home one day when we are dropping off/picking up the kids. She always declined, but I guess today was her opportunity. We wouldn't have even known about it if my mother wasn't our closest neighbor and noticed a strange woman lurking outside looking in the windows. My mother yelled at her and scared the sh*t out of her apparently, because she promptly left after getting busting. OMG are you kidding me? I'm so angry!

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That's creepy. Unfortunately,

That's creepy. Unfortunately, I can relate...BM followed me recently, all the while appearing (don't know for a fact) to be videotaping me while she drove. Luckily she got cut off, and I lost her. The lengths they go to... Cool

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Wow! That's crazy! What was

Wow! That's crazy! What was she hoping to see?

Oh wait, I know: You got a new sofa so she thinks it's time for CS to be raised? *sarcasm*

I don't cater to crazy.

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She'll driver herself crazy

She'll driver herself crazy if not already there. Stalking? That's a little heavy - curious? Yep.

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Yikes! We had that too...for

Yikes! We had that too...for months, BM would drive up and down our road, thinking she was "sneaking" when her white car was known to us...dumb. It's so sad. BM lived on the opposite side of town too....but almost every Friday was getting "gas" down by the store where we lived...Funny thing here: my bank was located by her place of employment. She filed a PFA against me. Claimed I was "stalking" her. LMAO. Too funny. The judge declined the request. Again, sad. Very sad.

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That is super scary. I have

That is super scary. I have kinda same problem. But my husbands ex wife cyber stalks me. She makes websites about me pretending to be me. Making me look like a evil step mom who hates my step kids. Then she shows the kids the site and says "see I told y'all she hated you"" then she writes non stop about me in her blogs. She is obsessed. Its very scary. Sometimes you have to involve police for your own safety. I filed a police report for cyber stalking and impersonation, for the site she created pretending to be me.

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Is your husband's ex known as

Is your husband's ex known as "Crew"?

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BM stalked DH for years. She

BM stalked DH for years. She is the reason we moved about 25 min away because she is too cheap to use her gas to come anywhere near our new house. But everytime DH is in our old town somehow she finds him-she did it just yesterday!! I hate her so much.

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@ ManagingMom, no, she's not

@ ManagingMom, no, she's not known as Crew. DH and I moved 30 mins away to avoid her previous stalking behavior. I walked into our laundry room one day at our old house (it was at the back of the house with its own entrance) and found her just standing there. I was obviously startled and dropped the laundry basket, and she flew out the door and took off. We changed the locks, but she found out from skids where we kept a spare key. Then we would find random things missing. One day all our forks and spatulas were gone! We knew it was her doing it when random things began appearing, a broken coffee pot that DH used to have. We figured the "visits" would stop once we moved. I confronted her about being at our new house when we dropped off skids yesterday. She denied that it was her. I said it's funny that even though my mother has never met you, she described your vehicle and you to the letter! She again denied it and said that I was just trying to stir up trouble to present at our next custody hearing that's scheduled for August (she's trying to have CS raised even though my husband is off work indefinitely due to an illness)! She's claiming that she should be entitled to more CS because my income has increased. She fails to realize that CS isn't based off my income. I haven't gotten involved in CS or custody issues yet, but I will be damned if I give that bitch a penny of my hard earned money. This woman just makes me sick with all of her tricks and drama. She left my husband, he didn't leave her, so why is she trying so hard to stay connected to him now when she didn't want him when she had him?! She and DH were amicable until she found out that we was getting remarried, that's when all the stalking started and custody battles began and just drama after drama. She went on a crusade to tarnish DH's reputation in our town (he has a very public job and is well known in the area). We ended up moving just to get away from all the crap she stirred up as well to stop the stalking crap. She works part time in a fast food restaurant and has little else to do but use her children as pawns to hurt their father. Very sick person.